Rebecca Ripple in be-Art Magazine 4.5.16

Best Established artist: Rebecca Ripple at Klowden Mann, Los Angeles

Aluminum foil, Hair, plexiglass, gel, parabolic plexiglass mirror, stainless steel, urethane rubber, those are the material used by LA sculptor, Rebecca Ripple to make her art. Technically she shows a great ability to use a huge range of heteroclite material to make very unique sculptures.

Ripple’s art reminds a bit of Louise Bourgeois who, instead of coming to the US, would have come to settle in India. Technically, Rebecca Ripple’s art is a bit a mix of Louise Bourgeois and Rina Barnejee, but is it 100% made in LA and speaks about LA, and it is unique to Rebecca Ripple.


That specific exhibition echoes to the bling, the parties held in LA. It’s like Ripple took things she found on the street, or after a party, and she decided to do this little thing of no importance, a sculpture, a unique object of interest. By turning those little things of no importance, unique, Ripple conveys here some of the problematic in sculpture. Is that sculpture a sculpture because of its appearance? its size? its meaning? Very interesting questions that refresh a bit the sculpture which is sometimes too much classic and boring.

For those interesting questions, and the perfect technique, Rebecca Ripple is now part of our selection of Best Established Artist.



Was born in Huntington, New York
Lives and works in Los Angeles, California

Gallery in Los Angeles/Culver City: Klowden Mann

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