Bettina Hubby: Thanks for the Mammaries



Thanks for the Mammaries
Includes images from the 2014 exhibition, Thanks for the Mammaries
Published by LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division)
Design by Steven Rimlinger
Signed by Bettina Hubby and includes temporary boob tattoo
46 pages
9 by 6 inches

In 2014, Hubby announced her Breast Cancer diagnosis on Facebook and asked her friends and community to submit “boob-related imagery.” People showered Hubby with images, videos, and verbiage that helped her heal and inspired her to pay it forward. Touched by the uplifting effect of this communal support, Hubby sent out a call to artists to submit works for an exhibition. The exhibitions and online Facebook feed displayed the outpouring of support that resulted from Hubby’s call to action, selections of which are documented in the publication. Hubby writes, “What continues to bring me the most satisfaction is the feedback regarding my approach, in that it has been positively impacting and inspiring people who have (and even many who have not) faced illness in their lives, or in their loved ones’ lives. This is why I wanted to release this as a book to a wider audience. This book is dedicated to the medicinal power of boobishness.”