David Lloyd’s Figure Ground interview on Painters’ Table 2.17.15

David Lloyd: Interview

Julia Schwartz interviews painter David Lloyd.Lloyd comments: “I start with a concept but it inevitably changes in the course of making the work. I can’t conceptualize a whole painting ahead of time nor do I want to. For me paintings have a life of their own. If I leave myself open the painting will usually lead me in an interesting direction. I don’t edit myself much in the studio. If something doesn’t end up working I have the option to not show it.,, I’m in the process of starting a new body of work that will expand on the last one. Right now I’m doing a lot of experimentation. There’s no pressure to produce for a new show just yet so this is a period when I get to try out new ideas or directions. I have no interest in making the same body of work over and over.” 

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