Katie Herzog with Andrew Choate: Exegesis Eisegesis Encaustic in Hyperallergic 6.14.16

Exegesis Eisegesis Encaustic

When: Opens Saturday, June 18, 6–8pm
Where: Klowden Mann (6023 Washington Blvd., Culver City, California)

For LA-based artist Katie Herzog’s first solo show at Klowden Mann, Exegesis Eisegesis Encaustic, she collaborated with writer Andrew Choate to produce paintings that interrogate the use of language in the urban landscape. In a series of encaustic diptychs, Herzog has painted generic signs of the city, altering the text in one of the canvases to create evocative pairings. These seductive works focus on the moment when words become form in order “to see what new arrangements do to us,” as Choate notes.

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