Jody Zellen Reviews Megan Cotts’ Proprius in Artscene 4.24.18

Megan Cotts’ sculptural paintings are made by stretching linen over wood in an exhibition titled “Proprius.” They are conceived as three-dimensional armatures that are then painted solid colors with pigments made from tempera and ground glass. Cotts’ imposes an architectural allusion in what read as building details and decoration. Yet rather than represent a whole, she presents each piece as an isolated fragment that is either monochromatic or black and white. The individual pieces have a modular quality that allows for them to be presented both individually as well as grouped together. Many of the black and white pieces (all are Untitled) have fluted edges that make them feel like oversized tiles. Some of the gold-hued pieces explore the complex geometry of interconnected pyramids and triangles. The works are simultaneously light and solid. They have a commanding presence, yet also appear to float across the gallery walls. They collectively add up to an elegant installation of beautiful forms that gracefully integrate abstract painting and sculpture (Klowden Mann Gallery, Culver City).

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