Jody Zellen reviews David Lloyd in ArtScene 1.10.15

David Lloyd’s paintings are subtle  abstractions that juxtapose myriad styles onto one surface. Taking advantage of the unprimed canvas, Lloyd allows some of his paint to fuse with the background so as to become a seaof transparent layers on top of which he applies opaque applications of paint in discreet shapes and areas of the canvases. The titles of the paintings direct their meaning and point viewers toward a formal investigation as well as on a journey on an illusive path. The works reference the natural landscape; its ebbs and flows, lights and darks and nuanced textures. Lloyd is knowingly mingles carefully rendered elements derived from observation with those that are purely invented. That the works sing as well as dance is no surprise. Lloyd’s deft hand as well as sense of humor shines through in these accomplished works (Klowden Mann, Culver City).


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