Jamison Carter in group exhibition at Cypress College Art Gallery 1.28.16

Newton to Albers

Color Theory to Creative Practice

Cypress College Art Gallery February 4 – February 25, 2016
Artist’s Reception:
Thursday, February 4th from 6‐8pm

Artists: Todd Brainard, Gerard Brown, Jamison Carter, Freddy Chandra, Megan Geckler, Brendon Lott, Hagop Najarian, Marie Thibeault, Patrick Williams and Joel Woodard

Cypress College Art Gallery is pleased to present Newton to Albers: Color Theory to Creative Practice a group exhibition of contemporary art curated by Cypress College Art Gallery Director, Paul Paiement. The exhibit focuses on artist’s whose practice is informed by color theory. In 1704, English Physicist Sir Isaac Newton developed the first theory of color in his paper titled, Optiks. In it, he describes his experiments using prisms and white light ‐resulting in the nature of primary colors. Since Newton, artists have used color in a less scientific ways to suggest symbolism, associations and to create dynamic compositions. More recently, German artist Josef Albers (1888‐1976) investigated the effects of relative contrast and color saturation on the illusion of transparency. Like Albers, the artists in Newton to Albers utilize Newton’s principles and expand on them using theory to create bold new creative expressions.


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