David Lloyd in group show at Eastside International 6.25.16

Dig For Fire

Rochelle Botello
David Lloyd
Julia Schwartz

Dig For Fire presents work by artists who share the pairing of painterly form with intuitive processes, and articulate arrested states of becoming with those forms and processes. Rochelle Botello’s sculptures are the word made flesh, abstract forms of chaotic color and pattern reaching and stretching into the third dimension. Whether they are sculptures becoming paintings, or paintings becoming sculptures, their in-betweeness is declared with a tactile language of collaged chromatic contrast and pattern reminiscent of digitally-produced camouflage, the supermarket detergent aisle, and Dubuffet. The strange specimens submitted by David Lloyd reveal instances of primordial image formation. Flourishes of illusion function alongside atmospheric washes of color, taped off patches of mark-making, and more, building up to an interior visual logic that is felt more than deduced. A felt logic also describe the blurs of becoming that are Julia Schwartz’s paintings. Slashes, strokes, and dabs of airy greens, yellows, and blues read almost as landscapes foregrounded by drawn suggestions of figurative presence. In all the work, the viewer is confronted with an original mediation of the artists’ responses, unfiltered and taking shape by their own hand, a record and documentation of earthly, promethean desires.

Opening reception:
Saturday June 25th, 2016
7-10 PM

On view until Saturday, July 30th
Gallery hours Sat and Sun 1-5 PM, beginning July 2nd

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