Rodrigo Valenzuela in Artillery 7.31.20

Rodrigo Valenzuela at Klowden Mann
by Shana Nys Dambrot | Jul 29, 2020
Rodrigo Valenzuela pursues a robust and multivalent practice that encompasses lavishly produced and materially rich photography, sculpture, installation and video. At the same time, these pursuits are equally centered on a semiotic, politically engaged post-capitalist critique of social constructs and civic institutions. All of these elements converge and converse in his recent exhibition, Journeyman, across a suite of photogravures, ceramic sculptures displayed in architectural interventions, and a pair of videos.
Valenzuela ... (read more)

Jamison Carter review on Art NowLA 7.21.20

Jamison Carter: ‘All Season Radials’
Merging Drawn and Sculpted Elements
by Jody Zellen
In his exhibition, All Season Radials, Jamison Carter presents urethane resin works that fill the walls and floor of the gallery. These new pieces are made by combining poured urethane resin with drawing. Carter creatively experimented with these materials and ultimately devised a new technique whereby he draws with markers directly onto large sheets of plastic. He then pours black resin onto these sheets, molding the resin forms into irregular ... (read more)

Klowden Mann, 2010-2020 7.10.20

Pat and Deb in front of Rebecca Farr’s work at the opening for her show, “Sweet Broken Now” in 2014, photo by Steven Rimlinger
Dearest friends,
It turns out that there is no right way to write this letter. Running a gallery is a funny thing—on some level, the work is so constant and the need for optimistic hustling so absurd that you think about closing all the time, and yet on another level the love for the work and your ... (read more)

Rodrigo Valenzuela in Art Now LA 4.18.20

Rodrigo Valenzuela: ‘Journeyman’
Labor Intensive Artistic Practices
by Jody Zellen
Upon entering Klowden Mann‘s gallery space, it is impossible not to be immediately taken by its transformation. For his exhibition Journeyman, Rodrigo Valenzuela has fabricated a raised plywood floor that extends across the entire gallery and into which he has inset ceramic sculptures. These holes are illuminated troughs, scattered across the space as if floor-based skylights. Carefully centered in each cubby-hole is a dark gray three-dimensional work entitled Airstrip (all works 2020) that ... (read more)

Catch up with Andrea Chung on our IGTV 3.30.20

Catch up with Andrea Chung

Andrea Chung and Deb Klowden Mann catch up and discuss Andrea’s new series “VEX”, adjusting to the Safer at Home policy, and the balance of making work at home as an artist.
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Rodrigo Valenzuela in KCRW 3.17.20

Having an exhibition on view during gallery closures

by Lindsay Preston Zappas
At first, galleries were canceling public openings and events, while leaving exhibitions available to the public, and promising sanitized surfaces and safe distances. But just days later, throughout L.A., museums and galleries started closing or switching to appointment-only.
A couple of weeks ago, Rodrigo Valenzuela’s exhibition Journeyman opened at Klowden Mann Gallery. Now the exhibition is closed to the public, but still available to view by appointment.
The exhibition ... (read more)

Katie Herzog in The New American 2.28.20

California Artist Features John Birch Society History
Written by  Steve Byas
Monday, 17 February 2020
Katie Herzog, a Los Angeles-based artist and director of the Molesworth Institute, has prominently featured some notable history of The John Birch Society (JBS) in a recent exhibition of her work. (The JBS is the parent organization of The New American.)
While it is highly unlikely that Herzog intended her art to be complimentary of the JBS, the artwork does recall some of the work of the JBS in ... (read more)

Katie Herzog reviewed in Los Angeles Times 2.12.20

Review: George W. Bush is her ‘blue boy.’ How artist Katie Herzog throws some serious shade


FEB. 12, 2020 | 9:43 AM

The first image you’ll see in Katie Herzog’s exhibition of recent work is her copy of the infamous self-portrait of George W. Bush, the former president of the United States who is now a Sunday painter, taking a shower. Herzog made just one small alteration: Her portrait is painted entirely in a chilly range ... (read more)

Christine Frerichs reviewed in Artforum 2.1.20

February Issue

Christine Frerichs
By Suzanne Hudson
Christine Frerichs's "interior portraits" are diminutive, closely observed paintings on paper that frame her home and studio, sites of domesticity and labor. They are much smaller than the canvases on which she has often worked, whose larger scales summon landscapes and climates as well as emotions. Indeed, she began making the pieces shown here under the exhibition title "Viewfinder" in 2018 as interim compositions of light and mood, adjacent to the other work; they are ... (read more)

Katie Herzog in KCRW 1.23.20

Katie Herzog at Klowden Mann

Jan 21 - Jan 28

Klowden Mann

6023 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232 United States

On view: January 18–February 22
In the middle of Katie Herzog’s exhibition, Yankee Candle, a slumped voting booth made of soft canvas looks like an unassuming stuffed toy. The piece, Voting Booth Soft Sculpture, sets up the thesis of the exhibition: democracy is falling apart. The John Birch Society, an early alt-right organization, published a set of ideological texts called One ... (read more)