gallery km at ArtPadSF, room 19 5.23.13 (read more)

Christine Frerichs at VOLTA featured on Two Coats of Paint 3.11.13

This weekend at VOLTA, Gallery | KM from Santa Monica, CA, presented  Christine Frerich's diminutive, thickly painted abstractions. Frerich's work seemed out of place in an art fair atmosphere--more handmade and personal than the glitzy, over-produced projects and installations that dominate the fairs. But there they were. Working in an intimate scale that she compares to a handwritten letter, Frerichs explores three themes in her paintings: the relationship between two people, sight (and it's interruption), and the possibility that imagined landscape space can convey emotional ... (read more)

gallery km at VOLTA, booth 1.24 3.9.13 (read more)

gallery km at Miami Project, booth 906 12.20.12

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ArtMRKT SF 5.16.12 (read more)