Bettina Hubby’s THE SEXUAL BRONZE SHOW reviewed on Wertical 1.16.16

‘The Sexual Bronze Show’ is the enigmatic title suggested by Bettina Hubby‘s second exhibition with Klowden Mann Gallery. The American artist and curator developed a thinking about construction and identity throughout her work. Already familiar with collage, drawing, printmaking and sculpture, this time, she explores installation and photography.


As hinted by its title, the Sexual Bronze Show mingles sexuality and bronze. For the realization of the exhibition Hubby worked with common, market items. Yet their first purpose is diverted. A traditional washing sponge spits bronze liquid and a piece of cheddar hosts a handful of Q-tips. Deranging and amusing all at once, Hubby’s practice is the outcome of many reflexions on accomplished combinations. As explained by the artist « I take my humor seriously. I focused and took a survey, then plunged deeply and engrossed myself into the grocery aisles to find these pairings and made monuments to my match-made couples’ various proclivities. I honor their diversity and their freedom of expression.’ Each installation piece is presented along with its photographic shot thus existing through two different medium and giving form to a certain reproductivity.

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