Bettina Hubby in solo exhibition at Erotic Heritage Museum 6.20.18




Opening June 30th, 2018

3275 Sammy Davis Jr. Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 794-4000

11AM – 7PM  Mon.-Weds.

11AM – 10PM  Thurs. – Sun.

Klowden Mann is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Bettina Hubby’s THE SEXUAL BRONZE SHOW at the EROTIC HERITAGE MUSEUM. This is Hubby’s first museum solo show and it will be as surprising as her work always is. The exhibition, as it would be, is sexual and bronze. The work content is determined by things one could get at the market, and the presentation, minimal with a nod to excess. Bronze pairings will proudly populate one of the museum’s main galleries, with photographs of those same pairings in various states of hanky-panky. We are excited to get these saucy sculptures into a perfect home, a museum of sexual acceptance.

“I take my humor seriously. I focused intently and took a survey, then plunged deeply and engrossed myself into the grocery aisles to find these pairings and made monuments to my match-made couples’ various proclivities. I honor their diversity and their freedom of expression. I bronzed their essence and photographed them in a white bed of light to reveal their true natures; they gleam with a confident appreciative post-coital sigh.” – Hubby

Bettina Hubby (b. 1968, New York) received her MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her practice is wide-ranging, encompassing curatorial and project-based work as well as more traditional media such as collage, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and photography. Hubby’s projects engage diverse communities and often exist in settings that challenge the conventions of exhibition spaces, celebrating collaboration and resisting easy categorization. Her work and projects have been featured widely in Los Angeles, at venues including LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division, 2015), Paris Photo LA (2015), ForYourArt (2014), Rosamund Felsen Gallery (2014), Side Street Projects (2014), Klowden Mann (2016), the Santa Monica Museum of Art (2013), and many others. Hubby was featured in Wallpaper Magazine as a top creative talent in LA, in ArtForum’s best of 2014, on NPR, and her work has also been written about in LA Weekly, New York Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Artslant, the Huffington Post, and many others