Bettina Hubby in Blouin Art Info 12.14.16

Lora Reynolds Gallery is hosting an exhibition by Bettina Hubby titled “The Sexual Bronze Show” that will be on display through January 21, 2017.

The exhibition marks Bettina Hubby’s first show at the gallery where here sculptures, photographs, and collages will be on display. The sculptures are enigmatic pairs of items one might find at a grocery store — a fresh kiwi and a disposable BIC razor, a yam and a dispenser of dental floss. But each object has been cast in bronze and precisely patinated to appear nearly identical to its referent.

Bettina Hubby is a Los Angeles-based artist. Her practice is wide-ranging, encompassing curatorial and project-based work as well as more traditional media such as collage, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and photography. Hubby’s projects engage diverse communities and often exist in settings that challenge the conventions of exhibition spaces.

Bettina Hubby’s exhibition “The Sexual Bronze Show” is on display at the Lora Reynolds Gallery, The 360 Tower, 360 Nueces St #50, Austin, Texas. 

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