Bernard Chadwick’s I Dream of You review in Art Scene 1.4.17

The spiritually beautiful video and sound creation of Bernard Chadwick, “I Dream of You,” nicely conveys a sense of wonder. Using fourteen different audio channels and multiple projectors, the piece is triggered by sounds and sensors to create a constantly evolving series of visual and aural sensations. Abstract and haunting, images shift from screen to screen and onto walls. The artist has described the work as an “abstract music video,” which is apt. The experience plunges the viewer/listener into a space filled with waiting, both contemplative and profound.

Waiting for the illumination of each aspect of the piece, one is struck by the artist/musician’s intimacy and grace, and a sense of what unknown thing lies beyond and beneath each image and sound. With screens suspended at angles, some images appear ghostly, some color saturated. A child appears and disappears in a landscape, ocean waves crash on a rocky coast, a couple sits by a smoky fire. These are transient images matched by transient sounds, together they add up to the uncertain feeling of a halting elegy (Klowden Mann, Culver City).

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