Bernard Chadwick’s I Dream of You in Autre 12.21.16

Bernard Chadwick “I Dream of You” @ Klowdenmann Gallery In Los Angeles

Bernard Chadwick describes the piece as an “abstract music video; a song that is reaching out for a body.” Projectors mounted throughout the center of the space throw images onto six suspended screens, an uneven spiral of visual information that spills from screen to screen and throws back onto the walls. Though Chadwick gives us every element of a song, taken apart and pieced back together there is never a moment when we can fully hear the full song itself. It is as if the viewer/listener is on the inside of a whole that has expanded outward; the understanding of the whole seems very nearby, but somehow can only exist from a viewpoint that is impossible given where we are. We see moments: sisters sing in darkened woods, drums appear and become light, visual patterns shift and overlap. Each element repeats its own independent line (both sonically and visually), anticipating the moment where all parts are illuminated at once. That anticipation is the space in which the piece exists, as the moment of completion feels possible enough to hold us there, but does not ever quite arrive.

Bernard Chadwick “I Dream of You” will be on view until January 21, 2017 @ Klowdenmann Gallery in Los Angeles.

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