Transformative Arts Los Angeles 12.18.20

transformative arts is pleased to announce that we have assembled a US team to launch our new initiative LA Local in 5 neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Recognizing the urgent need in communities to build visual language that can be used for the greater good, transformative arts has assembled innovative LA makers and thinkers to work towards global justice through visual literacy one neighborhood at a time.
The new team is comprised of Deb Klowden Mann, formerly of Klowden Mann gallery, as Principal and Chief ... (read more)

Rodrigo Valenzuela in Artillery 7.31.20

Rodrigo Valenzuela at Klowden Mann
by Shana Nys Dambrot | Jul 29, 2020
Rodrigo Valenzuela pursues a robust and multivalent practice that encompasses lavishly produced and materially rich photography, sculpture, installation and video. At the same time, these pursuits are equally centered on a semiotic, politically engaged post-capitalist critique of social constructs and civic institutions. All of these elements converge and converse in his recent exhibition, Journeyman, across a suite of photogravures, ceramic sculptures displayed in architectural interventions, and a pair of videos.
Valenzuela ... (read more)

Jamison Carter review on Art NowLA 7.21.20

Jamison Carter: ‘All Season Radials’
Merging Drawn and Sculpted Elements
by Jody Zellen
In his exhibition, All Season Radials, Jamison Carter presents urethane resin works that fill the walls and floor of the gallery. These new pieces are made by combining poured urethane resin with drawing. Carter creatively experimented with these materials and ultimately devised a new technique whereby he draws with markers directly onto large sheets of plastic. He then pours black resin onto these sheets, molding the resin forms into irregular ... (read more)

Jamison Carter in Arte Fuse 7.18.20

Jamison Carter: All Season Radials at Klowden Mann Gallery
Opening June 20th by appointment, through July 30th
Images courtesy of Klowden Mann Gallery
Klowden Mann is proud to present our fourth solo show with Los Angeles based-artist Jamison Carter, All Season Radials.  The exhibition features a series of new wall works and free standing sculptures, incorporating poured and cast urethane resin of the kind we have seen in Carter’s past bodies of work, but here using a new technique in which the ... (read more)

Klowden Mann, 2010-2020 7.10.20

Pat and Deb in front of Rebecca Farr’s work at the opening for her show, “Sweet Broken Now” in 2014, photo by Steven Rimlinger
Dearest friends,
It turns out that there is no right way to write this letter. Running a gallery is a funny thing—on some level, the work is so constant and the need for optimistic hustling so absurd that you think about closing all the time, and yet on another level the love for the work and your ... (read more)

Jamison Carter selected for Insider’s Picks by artist Christian Rex Van Minnen 5.28.20

Christian Rex Van Minnen is a painter based in California and is represented by Future Fair exhibitor Richard Heller Gallery.
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Christian Rex van Minnen (born 1980) is an American artist who lives and works in California. van Minnen creates highly detailed paintings, monotypes and sculpture that focus on a layering of both paint and narrative, expanding the potentiality of contrasts in values, textures and emotions. He is represented by Future Fair exhibitor Richard Heller ... (read more)

Andrea Chung in Artforum 5.14.20

The Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) in San Francisco, which was forced to lay off staffers and make other cutbacks when it closed temporarily in March because of the Covid-19 crisis, has successfully raised more than $450,000 through an online benefit auction featuring works by black artists from across the globe.
According to a release, after the museum announced the cost-saving measures it was planning to take in order to stay ... (read more)

Andrea Chung in ArtfixDaily 5.13.20

Benefit Auction for San Francisco's Museum of the African Diaspora Raises Over $450,000
MoAD’s future is looking assuredly brighter after an online auction of work by Black artists from around the world, entitled Diaspora Unite! Artists of African Descent for MoAD, exceeded all expectations and raised over $450,000 for the organization.

Concerned about making ends meet in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, MoAD had announced drastic cost-saving measures in March. An outpouring of support soon followed for the fate of ... (read more)

Andrea Chung in Culture Type 5.12.20

Museum of African Diaspora in San Francisco Raised $450,000+ in Online Benefit Auction, Helping to Sustain Operations
by VICTORIA L. VALENTINE on May 12, 2020 • 10:58 pm
MoAD Executive Director Monetta White reported results of online benefit auction in video message to supporters.

ARTISTS, GALLERIES, AND COLLECTORS answered a call for support and came together to help the Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) in San Francisco, which has faced a critical funding shortfall since temporarily closing in the wake of ... (read more)

Rodrigo Valenzuela selected for Insider’s Picks by Danny Báez 5.7.20


Insider’s Picks: Danny is a curator based in New York City. He is the Co-Founder and Director of MECA International Art Fair in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Co-Founder and Board Member of the ARTNOIR Collective
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Danny Báez is a regular and normal guy originally from Quisqueya, Dominican Republic. A former Advertising Major at UNAPEC and a Printmaker at Columbia University's LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies, Báez is now living and ... (read more)