Sienna DeGovia in group exhibition at Racine Art Museum 3.2.18

Polymer Art: Recent Acquisitions

January 28 - June 24, 2018

Polymer Art: Recent Acquisitions showcases artworks new to RAM since the donation of over 200 polymer pieces in 2011. These recent gifts have introduced new artists to the collection and expanded upon existing bodies of work by incorporating different types of objects or broadening the scope of years represented. Referencing the significance of the groundwork laid in earlier years, Polymer Art includes pieces that were part of the original gift that established RAM’s ... (read more)

Sienna DeGovia, Jamison Carter, Megan Cotts and Alexandra Wiesenfeld in ACLU benefit show at Historic Hudson Studios 5.19.17

Sweet Freedom
Saturday July 1st, 7pm
1106 N. Hudson Ave. 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90038
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Sienna DeGovia in Los Angeles Review of Books 12.14.16

Sienna DeGovia’s sculptural practice incorporates materials ranging from metal, fabric, clay, polymer, paint, and glass to cupcakes, candies, and cakes. Her work explores the
emotional nature of consumption, the societal tendency to veer between excess and austerity, and the theatricality of identity that can result. Food is a consistent actor in her work, in its ability to cross and confuse desire and physical need, and highlight the impossibility of distinguishing between the two. Sienna received her BFA from the California College ... (read more)

Sienna DeGovia in group exhibition at Racine Art Museum in Wisconsin 5.7.16

Go for Baroque: Opulence and Excess in Contemporary Art
May 22 - September 4, 2016
This summer, RAM goes “glam" with exhibitions featuring artists who explore the decorative and excessive as well as things that gleam and shine.
Go for Baroque: Opulence and Excess in Contemporary Art features artists that comment on luxury, artificiality, consumption, ornament, and the line between the beautiful and the grotesque. Whether a wall installation composed of silver reflective woven strips of paper, polymer works that look like banquet centerpieces, ... (read more)

Sienna DeGovia in group exhibition at Cannon Art Gallery 8.13.15

The City of Carlsbad Hosts Food for Thought: A Celebration of Food in Art
Sept. 6 to Nov. 8

The City of Carlsbad’s Cultural Arts Office is hosting Food for Thought: A Celebration of Food in Art from Sept. 6 to Nov. 8 at the William D. Cannon Art Gallery in the Carlsbad City Library complex, located at 1775 Dove Lane. Admission is free.

Food for Thought features more than 40 two-dimensional and three-dimensional works in this group exhibition showcasing how artists take ... (read more)

Sienna DeGovia featured in American Craft Magazine 1.20.15

Sweet Tooth

by Monica Moses

The children’s game is called Candy Land; it’s not Steak Land or Pizza Land. Somehow, from our earliest years, our imaginations are captivated by sugar, and a surprising number of artists are
happy to indulge us.

Once a metalsmith, Vermont artist Danielle Gori-Montanelli now works in felt, crafting playful jewelry, such as a spicy licorice piece.

Candace Kling makes “candy” samplers out of ribbons and other embellishments, harking back to a time when girls made samplers of ... (read more)

gallery km at Miami Project, booth 906 12.20.12

December 4 - 9, 2012, Wynwood District, Miami
Sienna DeGovia, Rebecca Farr, Bettina Hubby, David Lloyd, Thomas Macker (read more)

Jenn Garbee writes about ANGEL CITY EATS for LA Weekly 12.17.12

A Gumdrop Sculpture In Progress Beginning this weekend at Gallery KM, Joe Friday ("Dragnet") gets to spend the next six+ weeks with Kim Kardashian. We're sure that Mr. Friday is thrilled. At least there will be plenty of yin-yang marshmallows and food-inspired sculptures on hand.

The exhibition, called Angel City Eats, kicks off Saturday night with an opening reception at the Santa Monica gallery, complete with 1960s-era cheap whiskey and donuts and plenty of candy offerings from today's saccharine corn syrup days. What's the ... (read more)