Sarah Cromarty in group show at Charlie James Gallery 5.7.19

MAY 11 - JUNE 8, 2019

Charlie James Gallery is pleased to present Time Wounds All Heals, an exhibition curated by Los Angeles artist and critic Daniel Gerwin that examines the legacy of Lucio Fontana among contemporary artists. This presentation gathers works by Anna Betbeze, Sarah Cromarty, T.J. Dedeaux-Norris, Daniel Gerwin, Elana Herzog, and Simon Slater, all of whom work aggressively with their mediums to generate subject matter, ... (read more)

Sarah Cromarty in Culver City News 12.27.18

Artist Cromarty remembered
Photos by Gary Kohatsu
By Gary Kohatsu
December 27, 2018
Artist Sarah Cromarty’s art was exhibited at Klowden Mann in the art district of Culver City in December, a tribute to the artist who died at age 37 a month earlier. Her show “Wizards, Healers, Portals and Prophets” was exhibited, from Dec. 1-22. At left, a card and flowers are set up in the gallery window. “She had a style that was unlike any other artist I have ever ... (read more)

Sarah Cromarty in Hyperallergic 12.21.18

Sarah Cromarty, “Gotcha” (2018)
Remembering Sarah Cromarty’s Painted Portals and Prophets
An exhibition pays tribute to the wondrous vision of a Los Angeles-based artist who died this year at the age of 37.

By Daniel Gerwin
Sarah Cromarty’s clunkily constructed paintings bring to mind John Waters’s succinct analysis of Cy Twombly: “His work kept assholes away.” Incorporating glitter, plastic beads, and stacked cardboard mounted on plywood, her crude, elemental pieces will put off anyone who believes art should look expensive and ... (read more)

Sarah Cromarty in LA Weekly 11.30.18

An Exhibition at Klowden Mann Pays Tribute to Artist Sarah Cromarty


By John Knuth | November 30, 2018
Artist Sarah Cromarty died last month. She was 37 years old. This was a blow to the heart of the Los Angeles art community. It was a blow to the cosmos and a blow to the searchers looking for a magical vision beyond what we can see. Klowden Mann Gallery is hosting Wizards, Healers, Portals and Prophets: A Tribute to Sarah Cromarty to celebrate her life, ... (read more)

Sarah Cromarty in Artillery 9.26.18

Sarah Cromarty
by Annabel Osberg
“WISHFUL THINKIN’,” the title of Sarah Cromarty‘s show at Klowden Mann, indicates its tenor of hope against hope. Cromarty layers cardboard, digital prints, paint, glitter, rhinestones and sundry other materials to create 3D paintings affecting appearances of escapist kitsch in order to underscore the twin characteristics of adventure and futility inherent to fantasy. Through these works, Cromarty self-consciously elaborates her own imaginary world of lush green jungles and sparkles, positing painters as mythologizers and implicitly underscoring her ... (read more)

Sarah Cromarty in group exhibition at Gallery ALSO 5.30.17

3754 N. Mission Road, Suite B
Los Angeles, CA 90031
Click here for more information (read more)

Sarah Cromarty in group exhibition at San Jacinto College Fine Arts Gallery 3.23.17

Don't Touch The Art. Let The Art Touch You.
March 6 - April 13, 2017
Gallery Hours: Monday – Thursday, 10 – 4 pm
Mt. San Jacinto College Fine Arts Gallery
1499 N. State St. Building 1400
San Jacinto, CA 92583
(951) 487-3585
The Mt. San Jacinto College Fine Arts Gallery is proud to announce our new exhibition Don't Touch The Art, Let The Art Touch You: Art on loan from the Knuth Collection and Art book Study Library. ... (read more)

Sarah Cromarty in White Hot Magazine 5.1.13

May 2013: Sarah Cromarty @ Anna Meliksetian & MJ Briggs
Sarah Cromarty: Tyger Tyger
26 January -- 2 March 2013
Anna Meliksetian & MJ Briggs
by Shana Nys Dambrot
Some artists incorporate all manner of ingredients into complex works, happy to flout conventions of say, painting, by throwing everything within reach into the mix -- and then just call it “mixed media” and leave it at that. Not Sarah Cromarty, she’ll break it down for you. Any given individual work for wall or floor ... (read more)

Sarah Cromarty on The Make 3.2.13

Sarah Cromarty, Tyger Tyger at Anna Meliksetian and MJ Briggs
January 26-March 2313 N. Farifax Los Angeles, CA
"In this recent body of work, Cromarty creates paintings that symbolize the beginnings of a fantastical world. Wizards enter other dimensions through portals; talismans, such as a disc, poncho, or rhinestone strand, carry a magical force for its possessors; and larger than life figures, having undergone transformation, play the role of protectors or watchers in the night. The central piece ... (read more)

Sarah Cromarty in LA Weekly 2.13.13

Five Artsy Things to Do in L.A. This Week, Including Bikers Around a Bonfire

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 8 a.m.
By Catherine Wagley

2. Storefront jungle
Sarah Cromarty's exhibition at Anna Meliksetian/M.J. Briggs storefront gallery, called "Tyger Tyger," is a jungle fantasy. Moss-covered trees and almost-nude figures cut out of layered cardboard extend from scraggy wood surfaces, and the figures -- even when female -- have long, thick beards. One falls backward toward the ground; some have body parts ... (read more)

Sarah Cromarty in Blouin Art Info 2.11.11

The Archaic Revival

By: Doug Harvey
Psychedelic culture remains a great undigested lump in the gullet of contemporary Western civilization. Parts of it, anyway. While chart-topping, collective-unconscious-molding products like James Cameron's "Avatar" practically ooze lysergic sensibility, deeper and subtler lessons from the dawning of the Age of Aquarius — or CIA-experiment-gone-awry, however you want to spin the rise of 60s-era drug culture — occupy a cross-disciplinary ghetto that dares not speak its name.
The art world may be the most egregious example of denial. In spite ... (read more)

Sarah Cromarty in LA Weekly 9.10.08

Opening Week at L.A. Galleries



 Aptly titled “PORTRAITS, PIN-UPS and Wistful Romantic Idylls,” the latest exhibition from the Birmingham-born, L.A.-raised, Chicago-based Marshall furthers his goals of “representing aspects of Black Culture rarely made visible in contemporary picture making” and “foregrounding the black figure in popular genres of painting not usually associated with the sociopolitical frame in which much African-American art is seen.” Such ends, undoubtedly admirable and ... (read more)

Sarah Cromarty in LA Weekly 5.2.07

Hey, Ladies!

WEDNESDAY, MAY 2, 2007 AT 11 A.M.

I’m not sure if it’s just a coincidence or if there was some conspiracy of strategic scheduling to coincide with “WACK!” at MOCA, but there seems to be a glut of exceptional shows by contemporary women artists in L.A. at this moment. I’m not just talking about all the collateral omnibus group shows at Barnsdall and every elsewhere — all of which offer typical hit-and-miss cross sections of ... (read more)

Sarah Cromarty in artnet Magazine 3.28.06

by Abraham Orden
Once upon a time, Art Chicago was a high-rolling event, the jewel of the international fair calendar. Well, the invisible hand of the market giveth, and it taketh away. Art Chicago is no longer, strictly speaking, an art world event. In some last-minute scrambling, after what seems to have been a serious monetary shortfall that threatened to scuttle the entire event, Art Chicago organizer Thomas Blackman sold the fair to Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. It’s the end ... (read more)

Sarah Cromarty in LA Weekly 10.27.05

State Of Emergence



“State of Emergence” is the title of L.A. Weekly’s First Annual Biennial, an art show curated by Doug Harvey in conjunction with this issue. It, along with a selection of works by Weekly cover artists, is on view at Track 16 in Bergamot Station through November 12.

How does an art show get curated? Usually, some overpaid museum talent notices some kind of Zeitgeist — “Hmmm, I’m ... (read more)