Rebecca Farr at Barely Fair with Serious Topics 9.12.19

Making Light
Curated by Serious Topics for Barely Fair
20th September 6-10pm
Additional visiting hours:
21st September, 11am - 7pm
22nd September, 11am - 6pm
29th September, 1 - 4pm
6th October, 1 - 4pm
13th October, 1 - 4pm
20th October, 1 - 4pm
Or by appointment
Julius Caesar Chicago
3311 W. Carroll Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60624
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Rebecca Farr in group show organized by PØST 7.2.19

July 3rd, 6-9pm
4654 W. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
An homage to Carolee Schneemann and Dionysus.
A one night bacchanal of imagistic metaphors reflecting the female, male and non-binary erotic pulse of the universe.
This is one of 31 Kamikaze exhibitions organized by HK Zamani for PØST running through the month of July.
"Drawing and masturbation were the first sacred experiences I remember."
Carolee Schneemann
Artists: Carolee Schneeman, Rosalyn Myles, Ben Lee Ritchie Handler, Lisa Teasley, Aline Mare, Shiri Mordechay, Charles ... (read more)

Rebecca Farr in Riot Material 5.30.19

Into The Mythic With Rebecca Farr’s Animal Love Thyself
MAY 30, 2019

at Klowden Mann (through June 15)
When I wrote about Rebecca Farr’s fourth solo exhibit in November of 2016, I said it was everything. I saw the show immediately following the 2016 presidential election and Farr’s show created a nurturing embrace and a place for soul-and nation-searching. In her fifth solo exhibit at Klowden Mann, Animal Love Thyself, Farr’s exhibition again feels like ... (read more)

Rebecca Farr in VoyageLA 1.14.19

Meet Rebecca Farr
January 14, 2019
Today we’d like to introduce you to Rebecca Farr.
Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?
I grew up in a small conservative lumber town in the Central Oregon desert. We were an outsider family of bonafide hippies in a hard-core rodeo culture. I often found my self in lonesome spaces; a queer girl yet to come out even to myself, a vegetarian with hairy legs, a devout spiritualist ... (read more)

Rebecca Farr in ARTnews 8.10.18

‘SuperpowerShadowWoman’ at Five Car Garage, Los Angeles

Pictures at an Exhibition presents images of one notable show every weekday.
Today’s show: “SuperpowerShadowWoman” is on view at Five Car Garage in Los Angeles through Wednesday, August 15. The group exhibition includes work by Alison Blickle, Kristin Calabrese, Virginia Conesa, Rema Ghuloum, Emma Gray, Stephanie Haines, Rebecca Farr, Galia Linn, Despina Stokou, Kirsten Stoltmann, and Brenna Youngblood
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Rebecca Farr and Alexandra Wiesenfeld in group exhibition at Beacon Arts Building 8.2.18

Los Angeles (August 4, 2018) — Vibrant Matter: Artworks Refiguring Form is an exhibition of artworks exploring open-ended technologies and different mediums through presentations, artist-led tours, and events on August 4th 2018, 2-6 pm. It will take place at Beacon Arts Building and will reveal Los Angeles-based art centered on our ecosystem, technological advancements, and new possibilities for holistic art practices. Vibrant Matter was selected for Maiden LA’s 2018 showcase. “Maiden LA considers the city ... (read more)

Rebecca Farr in group exhibition at Five Car Garage 6.26.18

Opening: June 23rd 2-5pm
June 23- Aug 15th
Rsvp to attend/visit
Alison Blickle, Kristin Calabrese, Virginia Conesa, Rema Ghuloum, Emma Gray, Stephanie Haines, Rebecca Farr, Galia Linn, Despina Stokou, Kirsten Stoltmann, Brenna Youngblood.
“Within the feminine shadow resides the marginalized, concealed, hidden gems of the totality of the Self. Shadow is a term employed in Jungian psychology to name unconscious aspects of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself. Seemingly, these qualities are dark in ... (read more)

Alexandra Wiesenfeld, Bettina Hubby and Rebecca Farr in group show at Depart Foundation 5.25.18





Rebecca Farr in Art and Cake 1.6.18

Studio Visit: Rebecca Farr, The Spiritual Embodiment of Empathy
“Empathy makes you imagine the sensation of the torture, of the hunger, of the loss. You make that person into yourself, you inscribe their suffering on your body or heart or mind…Physical pain defines the physical boundaries of the self but these identifications define a larger self, a map of affections and alliances, and the limits of this psychic self are nothing more or less than the limits of love.”  ~Rebecca Solnit, The Faraway ... (read more)

Rebecca Farr in group exhibition at Jacob Lawrence Gallery in Seattle 11.9.17

Material Performance: Part II

November 8 – December 9, 2017
Jacob Lawrence Gallery
Can painting and sculpture be time-based arts? The pieces in Material Performance transform as they are exhibited, taking up the forces that continually shape and reshape matter. This two-part exhibition brings together artistic practices that investigate the behavior of materials and the lexicon of their movement, extending the legacies of kinetic art and process-based artworks. The first part showed the most recent work of artists beginning their second year in the ... (read more)

Rebecca Farr in Josh Hagler’s How To Give a Shit No. 7 12.14.16

You were there on that shocking night. I saw you. With a few of your friends nearby, you sat on a plastic chair or a couch or on the floor talking loudly and laughing at jokes while eating pizza or cookies or drinking an alcoholic beverage. You might have even gone ahead and opened a bottle of champaign before things even got started. That’s how good you felt. We had it in the bag.It’s true that a few among the party ... (read more)

Ellen C Caldwells Reviews Rebecca Farr’s Out of Nothing in New American Paintings 11.26.16

Rebecca Farr's “Out of Nothing” is Everything
Multimedia artist Rebecca Farr’s fourth solo show Out of Nothing welcomes viewers into a personal journey and emotional recovery as she uses monumental oil paintings and sculptural installations to explore the process and aftermath of losing her father.
This deeply intimate work is touching, moving, and beautifully real. During the weeks following a divisive election, many Americans are left lost, angry, and vulnerable, in need of soul searching and nurturing — and Farr’s exhibit offers a ... (read more)

Nazish Chunara Reviews Rebecca Farr: Out of Nothing on Venison Magazine 10.26.16

A solo exhibition by Rebecca Farr
Exhibition Dates | October 22nd - December 3rd, 2016
Opening Reception | Saturday, October 22nd, 6pm - 8pm
Klowden Mann
6023 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
Gallery Hours: Tues - Sat, 11am - 5pm
Preview by Nazish Chunara
Walking into  Klowden Mann, an intimate sized gallery, I was immediately drawn to Farr’s oil paintings to the left. I suffer from tunnel vision when it comes to paintings. The feeling was very motion filled. There’s so much movement ... (read more)

Rebecca Farr group performance review in Venison Magazine 9.4.16

Elysian Passage
Elysian Park
Sunday August 7th, 8am - 9pm
835 Academy Road, Los Angeles
Joshua Hagler, Maja Ruznic and Rebecca Farr are Los Angeles based painters who announced their collaborative project, Elysian Passage recently. I won't lie---I raised an eyebrow. Their paintings are incredible and all I could think was, how are they going to translate their skill and sense of storytelling via performance. Maja has previously created performances, so I was excited that I'd be able to experience a piece by her. ... (read more)

Rebecca Farr in group performance for MAIDEN LA at Elysian Park 8.6.16

Elysian Passage
August 7th, 8-11am and 5-9pm
As an artist collective, Maja Ruznic, Joshua Hagler, and Rebecca Farr will mine the rich past of Elysian Park as three characters who will perform playful and poignant events. These performances, utilizing sound, clay, paint, chalk, doors, dresses, silence, yarn and even the spitting of vodka, pay homage to memories lost in the park’s many stages of aspiration and decline often forgotten or ignored in Los Angeles. Using personal ritual as a compass, the collective voice ... (read more)

Rebecca Farr in group exhibition at Kaus Australis in Rotterdam 9.26.15

Kaus Australis is happy to present the exhibition PASSENGERS spotlighting the work of our current Guest Artists, accompanied by the first ever KAUS BAND EVENT featuring four sparkling Dutch Bands. Join us for this special evening of musical and visual delight held in our hospitable, and unique location at Kaus Australis on Saturday September 26, 2015. Fresh drinks and warm food will be served.
Rebecca Farr, Carloin Kastner, Ruth Murray, Flo Perkins and Jens Stickel.
Opening reception from 17hrs.
The exhibition is open ... (read more)

Source Amnesia featured in Art News 7.25.15

‘Source Amnesia’ at Klowden Mann
Pictures at an Exhibition presents images of one notable show every weekday.
Today’s show: “Source Amnesia” is currently on view at Klowden Mann gallery in Culver City, CA. The group exhibition is named for its theme, and touches upon the past, present, and authority in various forms and will be on view until August 15.



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Ellen C. Caldwell reviews Rebecca Farr’s Sweet Broken Now in New American Paintings 11.5.14


Rebecca Farr’s Sweet Broken Now

Rebecca Farr’s recent solo show at Klowden-Mann was a strong force to be reckoned with--both in terms of the physical presence of her paintings and in the contending contemplation her subject demanded.

With heavy paint on blotted and torn, layered paper, Farr collages print photos from 1970s and 80s coffee table books as her source material. She layers those with paper and heavy paint on wood panel, creating works that feel dense and heavy, yet very ... (read more)

Maxwell Williams reviews Rebecca Farr’s Sweet Broken Now in Artsy 10.15.14

Manifest Destiny—the commonly held 19th-century belief that Americans had a religious obligation to expand their whereabouts by conquering and settling the Western United States—continues to be an extenuating factor in many negative aspects of our modern-day history. The landscape around us is still being conquered and destroyed; the goal of many religions continues to revolve around the advancement of their beliefs; and resources are persistently accumulated through war, all of which have grave consequences. The destructive concept of “progress” is still held ... (read more)

Rebecca Farr Catalog Essay by Ed Schad 8.29.14

At the edge of Rebecca Farr’s studio, sitting below on the ground underneath her new body of work, Sweet Broken Now, is an unfinished painting showing just a hint, just a ghost of a man leading a woman on horseback through a splayed canyon. The scene may feel familiar: the Holy Family on the flight to Egypt, Joseph guiding the donkey carrying the precious cargo of Mary and Jesus. However, the painting also refers to a specific take on the Bible story, a ... (read more)

Interview with Rebecca Farr on LA I’m Yours 4.2.13

Rebecca Farr is currently dabbling in collage. The painter has turned to late nineteenth century photography and historical images as a resource of images to place in her work. “I was doing very traditional, straight figurative paintings and now I am thinking of paint with collage and painting from collage,” she says, reflecting on what she is currently working on. “Right now I’m looking at the scale of what I have been doing and bringing that back to full painting informed by collage. ... (read more)

gallery km at Miami Project, booth 906 12.20.12

December 4 - 9, 2012, Wynwood District, Miami
Sienna DeGovia, Rebecca Farr, Bettina Hubby, David Lloyd, Thomas Macker (read more)

Interview with Rebecca Farr January 10, 2012 1.10.12

Deb Klowden Mann: So, how did you start exploring the theme of Manifest Destiny and Westward migration? Where does the story start for you?
Rebecca Farr: When I was in college, I read a poem—I believe it was Mary Oldes—about these pioneers moving across the West, and it was really evocative. They start with this enormous wagon, and in the imagery everything was so full of the push towards this unknown future, psychologically as well as physically. They were carrying all of ... (read more)