Morgan Mandalay for charity 4.2.20

Over the next several months, while we isolate, Morgan Mandalay is hoping to create five new works on paper that he’ll post at the beginning of the month to support five different non-profits. The decided price will be split 60/40 between the non-profit (60%) and me (40%). Feel free to DM Morgan on his instagram if interested in a body of work.
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Morgan Mandalay in Journal 2.27.20

On Colonus
Morgan Mandalay
January 18 - February 22, 2020
Chicago, Il
By Gareth Kaye
Undifferentiated figures huddle for warmth around a fire in modern, well-furnished log cabin. There is a storm out, the rafters have started to catch fire too, but no one – the architecture included – seems too fazed by it. Memory Palace is one of six paintings by Morgan Mandalay in his latest solo exhibition On Colonus which is currently on view at Extase, an apartment space in Chicago’s Ukranian ... (read more)

Morgan Mandalay in Newcity Art 2.27.20

Doubling in the Dark: A Review of Morgan Mandalay at Extase
FEBRUARY 19, 2020
At Extase, an apartment gallery in Ukrainian Village, six paintings hang in an otherwise unfurnished front bedroom, wherein artist Morgan Mandalay utilizes a primarily drab color palette with pops of yellow and fire red to depict night skies, shrouded figures and dark interiors. In the recessed space of the would-be closet, Mandalay’s stunning “In the Garden of Heripedes” portrays a hunched figure dressed in ... (read more)

Morgan Mandalay in group exhibition at 1969 Gallery 1.3.20

Adventure Paintings (plein air painting, group exhibition): Pau Atela, Keiran Brennan Hinton, Mark Ryan Chariker, Drea Cofield, Johnny DeFeo, Caleb Hahne, Andrea Heimer, Morgan Mandalay and Aaron Zulpo
Exhibition Opening: Sunday, January 12 at 6 - 8pm
Exhibition Dates: January 12 - February 23, 2020
1969 Gallery
103 Allen Street
Ground Floor
New York, New York, 10002-3026
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Morgan Mandalay curated exhibition at Circle Contemporary North Shore 1.3.20

A Little Bit Country — A Little Bit Rock and Roll
Opening Reception
Friday, January 24, 2020
I know I’m goin’ to feel alright
No matter where I go
With little bit of country
And a little bit of rock ‘n roll

-“A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock’N’Roll”
Written by Marty Cooper Performed by  Donny and Marie Osmond
For any great road trip adventure movie, two ingredients are required: the backdrop of a picturesque landscape and ... (read more)

Morgan Mandalay in solo exhibition at Extase 1.3.20

On Colonus
Morgan Mandalay
Opening reception: January 18, 6-9pm
Through February 22, 2020
Closing reception: February 22, 2020
2523 W Chicago Ave #2
Chicago, IL 60622
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Morgan Mandalay in two-person exhibition at No Place Gallery 11.1.19

Dog & Pony 
Morgan Mandalay and Chloe Seibert
Opening reception: Saturday, October 26th 6-10pm

No Place Gallery
1164 S Front St.
Columbus, OH 43206

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Morgan Mandalay in Contemporary Art Review Los Angeles 5.1.19

Morgan Mandalay at Klowden Mann
May 1, 2019
Text by Matt Stromberg
Bad Sin Frutas, Morgan Mandalay’s first L.A. solo show at Klowden Mann, suggests trouble in paradise. Across several canvases that combine elements of still life and landscape, Mandalay portrays a once Edenic garden as a tortured, contested space. In And forgive us our trespasses (2019), flames lick the gnarled branches of a tree, while lemons and two freshly-caught trout hang from it’s limbs. Meanwhile, a ghostly hand reaches ... (read more)

Morgan Mandalay in Artillery 4.24.19

by Annabel Osberg ·
April 24, 2019 

Morgan Mandalay's paintings of tainted jungle paradises are radiant with color and lush verdure, yet they bloom with inklings of mortality. Dead fishes hang amid the umbrage of burning orchards where cadaverous human arms emerge from lurid thickets. Figs and oranges putrefy on snake-inhabited trees thronged by swarms of insects. In Rotten Core (2019, pictured above), ruffled ravens querulously caw in apparent protest of some unseen interloper having just killed the man whose lifeless feet protrude ... (read more)

Morgan Mandalay in LA Times 4.23.19

Morgan Mandalay, "And forgive us our trespasses (detail)," 2019, oil on canvas. (Klowden Mann Gallery)
Review: In Morgan Mandalay’s new paintings, life carries on as Eden burns


Nature is doing surprisingly well in 11 new paintings by Morgan Mandalay. Humanity? Not so much.

At Klowden Mann Gallery, the Chicago-based artist’s solo L.A. debut has trees aflame in dark and coagulated landscapes. Fish rot, boughs decay, hanging fruit glows ... (read more)

Morgan Mandalay in Autre 4.19.19


text and photographs by Summer Bowie

April 19, 2019

Are you staring directly into the mouth of the beast, or are you indeed sitting inside said mouth, observing the surreal landscape below? This is just one of the many visual homonyms that are ever-present in the works of Morgan Mandalay. For his first solo exhibition at Klowden Mann in Los Angeles, the Chicago-based artist has painted worlds that are rife with reference to ... (read more)

Morgan Mandalay in Artspace 6.30.17

Q&A: Morgan Mandalay's SPF15 Gallery Avoids Gentrification By Hosting Exhibitions on Public Beaches

By Robert Grand
JUNE 30, 2017

Last week’s solstice made it official, summer is finally here—the time when heading to the beach on a weekend afternoon becomes something of a ritual. If you're on one of San Diego's many beaches one of those afternoons, you might be lucky enough to stumble upon a strange happening: a 10-by-10-foot white canopy surrounded by sculptures buried into the sand, ... (read more)

Morgan Mandalay in Hyperallergic 2.5.16

Itinerant and Off-the-Map Galleries Find a Place in Mexico City’s Material Art Fair

by Devon Van Houten Maldonado
February 5, 2016
MEXICO CITY — International art collectors, guzzling mescal and flexing gaudy taste, are descending on this megalopolis, and will leave on Monday with a hangover and something shiny. Meanwhile, behind the silk curtain, an international community of up-and-coming artists and project spaces is coming together for the Material Art Fair, which has established itself as the adolescent alternative to the corporate Zona ... (read more)

Morgan Mandalay in Artforum 5.5.15

Todd Kelly and Morgan Mandalay
1542 N Milwaukee, 3rd Floor
April 11–May 10, 2015

Todd Kelly’s and Morgan Mandalay’s works reference paintings that are absent from their two-person exhibition—source material that is circumscribed and effaced rather than explicitly revealed by their respective moves. Kelly’s Still Life after Chardin, 2015, and several others like it are derived from Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin’s 1763 canvas Brioche, a plucky little morsel that Kelly remixes into ebullient chartreuse and violet ... (read more)