David Lloyd in group exhibition at Craig Kruller Gallery 7.11.19

July 20 - August 31, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 20, 5-7 pm

Craig Krull Gallery
2525 Michigan Avenue, Building B-3
Santa Monica, California 90404

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David Lloyd in group show at Museum of Art & History 6.28.19

The Circle of Truth
August 10 - October 20
Museum of Art & History
665 W. Lancaster Blvd.
Lancaster, CA 93534
In the Main Gallery, writer Cooper Johnson curates a survey show of LA painting of the last five years; its paintings range from socially-conscious figurative works to “pure” abstraction, and explores the relationships between them.
Solo by David Allan Peters
Site specific installation by Erika Lizee
Painter, Shane Guffogg’s curatorial project The Circle of Truth, in the South Gallery, comprises works by ... (read more)

George Melrod reviews David Lloyd’s 365 A Year of Drawing 5.18.19

“365 A Year of Drawing:” A Diary of Aesthetic Discovery
By George Melrod
David Lloyd at Klowden Mann
January 5 – February 9, 2019
6023 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA, 90232
Los Angeles painter David Lloyd has described his work as examining the ridiculous and the sublime in equal measure, and over the course of his 30-plus-year career his work has never shied away from that improbable balancing act. Never one to fit neatly within any easy label, ... (read more)

David Lloyd in group show at The Loft at Liz’s 3.2.19

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David Lloyd in Art and Cake 1.30.19

David Lloyd, 365: A Year of Drawing at Klowden Mann. Photo curtesy of the gallery.

David Lloyd, 365 – A Year of Drawing
At Klowden Mann
Through February 9th
By Jody Zellen
Setting the goal of creating an artwork a day for a year can seem like a revelation at first, a chance to experiment, to change direction. It can also be thought of as a meditation and a way to disassociate from the other aspects of one’s practice. Many artists engage with ... (read more)

David Lloyd in group show at Pacific City Gallery 11.7.18

The Californians 
Pacific City Gallery
21020 Pacific Coast Highway - H200
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Opening: Saturday November 10, 5 - 9 pm (read more)

Surface of a Sphere reviewed in 2-TIMES 8.16.18

2-TIMES · Art
‘Surface of a Sphere’
@ Klowden Mann,
Los Angeles

“Abstraction is not a
withdrawal from the
world but rather its
keen embrace.”

Curated by:
Daniel Gerwin.

‘Surface of a Sphere’:
Considers how far  contemporary artists  have traveled since  modernism’s exploration  of space & objecthood,  revisiting and extending  the legacy of shaped  painting while generating  new possibilities.

“... concerned primarily
with interactions of form
and color in space.”

Artists presented:
· Loren Britton
· Martha Clippinger
· Daniel Gerwin
· Justine Hill
· Tomashi Jackson
· Nick Kramer
· Fabienne Lasserre
· ... (read more)

David Lloyd in two-person exhibition at Craig Krull Galley 2.22.17

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Lorraine Heitzman reviews David Lloyd’s time is taller than space is wide on Art and Cake 2.18.17

David Lloyd at Klowden Mann:
Time is taller than space is wide
By Lorraine Heitzman
Through March 4th
David Lloyd’s Time is taller than space is wide at Klowden Mann should be a welcome surprise to those familiar with his work and a happy discovery for anyone encountering his paintings for the first time. Having exhibited in Los Angeles extensively since he received his BFA from California Institute of the Arts in 1985, Lloyd has alternated over the years between abstractions and paintings ... (read more)

David Lloyd in group exhibition at Cirrus Gallery 2.18.17

January 31 - March 11, 2017

Lita Albuquerque, Peter Alexander, Mark Bradford, Jerry Brane, Laddie Dill, Jill Giegerich, Joe Goode, Charles Hill, Dennis Hollingsworth, Mark Lere, David Lloyd, Allan McCollum, Jason Meadows, Kori Newkirk, Ruben Ochoa, Ed Ruscha, Mary Weatherford, and Jonas Wood (read more)

David Lloyd’s Time is taller than space is wide in Wall Street International 1.30.17

David Lloyd
28 Jan — 4 Mar 2017 at Klowden Mann in Culver City, United States
David Lloyd, Untitled, 2016. Courtesy of Klowden Mann

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David Lloyd in New American Paintings 12.14.16

Scenes from Untitled Art Fair 2016

One of our favorite fairs is Untitled Art. The tent is always beautiful, with a transparent roof (providing nice, even light) and views of the beach. The layout is interesting, ignoring the conventional aisle and row system. And the curation is right on with great galleries and works. Tomorrow I'm posting some shots of Art Miami. In the meantime, enjoy scenes from this year's Untitled Art fair! - Andrew Katz, Associate Publisher


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David Lloyd Artist Talk at Eastside International 7.16.16

Dig For Fire:
Artist talk

Rochelle Botello
David Lloyd
Julia Schwartz

Moderated by ESXLA director Jason Ramos
Sunday, July 24
3-4 PM
Gallery hours Sunday 1-5 PM
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David Lloyd in group show at Eastside International 6.25.16

Dig For Fire
Rochelle Botello
David Lloyd
Julia Schwartz
Dig For Fire presents work by artists who share the pairing of painterly form with intuitive processes, and articulate arrested states of becoming with those forms and processes. Rochelle Botello’s sculptures are the word made flesh, abstract forms of chaotic color and pattern reaching and stretching into the third dimension. Whether they are sculptures becoming paintings, or paintings becoming sculptures, their in-betweeness is declared with a tactile language of collaged chromatic contrast and pattern ... (read more)

David Lloyd Featured in Artillery 3.11.15

Recent Los Angeles exhibitions have evinced a number of painters who continue to grapple with the problems of contemporary abstraction with rigor and seriousness, testifying to its continued viability. Most of these fall in the category of what might be called impure or aberrant abstraction, stretching the limits of how we define an abstract painting. Canan Tolon’s paintings at Von Lintel last year played with viewer’s expectations. I initially took to be silkscreened photographs similar to those of Warhol ... (read more)

David Lloyd’s Figure Ground interview on Painters’ Table 2.17.15

David Lloyd: Interview

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Julia Schwartz interviews painter David Lloyd.Lloyd comments: "I start with a concept but it inevitably changes in the course of making the work. I can’t conceptualize a whole painting ahead of time nor do I want to. For me paintings have a life of their own. If I leave myself open the painting will usually lead me in an interesting direction. I don’t edit myself much in the studio. If something ... (read more)

Julia Schwartz interviews David Lloyd in Figure/Ground 2.13.15

A Conversation With David Lloyd
David Lloyd was interviewed by Julia Schwartz. Posted February 13, 2015.
David Lloyd graduated with a BFA from Cal Arts in 1985, and began his career with a series of intelligent, near-humorous abstractions, turning towards the incorporation of imagistic referents several years later. He has shown in California at Klowden Mann, Margo Leavin Gallery, Gallery Paule Anglim and the Orange County Museum of Art, along with many others, as well Metro Pictures, and Milk Gallery in New York. His ... (read more)

Jody Zellen reviews David Lloyd in ArtScene 1.6.15

David Lloyd’s paintings are subtle  abstractions that juxtapose myriad styles onto one surface. Taking advantage of the unprimed canvas, Lloyd allows some of his paint to fuse with the background so as to become a seaof transparent layers on top of which he applies opaque applications of paint in discreet shapes and areas of the canvases. The titles of the paintings direct their meaning and point viewers toward a formal investigation as well as on a journey on an illusive path. The works ... (read more)

Kristen Osborne Bartucca reviews David Lloyd’s “New Paintings” in Arte Fuse 12.9.14

It’s a good thing painting was never truly dead, or David Lloyd would not have been able to exhibit his new paintings at Klowden Mann in Los Angeles this fall. Llloyd’s paintings are fiercely, vibrantly alive. Stepping into the gallery space reminds one of just why white walls and concrete floors are useful –to set off these bright and visually compelling paintings. The sixteen paintings on display are more than just aesthetically pleasing, though; they demonstrate the polysemous possibilities of abstract painting ... (read more)

Molly Osberg reviews David Lloyd’s New Paintings 11.6.14

David Lloyd’s Ethereal Paintings Teeter Between Science and Mysticism

Artsy Editorial

“Nothing is really knowable,” says painter David Lloyd, even though “we give special attention to some things and  other things we call crazy.” The tension between the mystical and the scientific, the fringe and the mainstream, has become a central focus for the artist, who in his most recent solo show at Klowden Mann has further worked that  hazy territory into a series of paintings, his first in some time to return ... (read more)

David Lloyd featured in group exhibition at Otis 9.19.13

Tapping the Third Realm
September 22 — December 08, 2013
An exhibition spanning two galleries and college campuses exploring the spiritual, metaphysical and alchemical in contemporary art.

The Ben Maltz Gallery at Otis College of Art and Design (OTIS) and the Laband Art Gallery at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) are pleased to present an exhibition of contemporary art entitled Tapping the Third Realm on view September 22 through December 8, 2013. Opening reception takes place on the fall equinox, Sunday, September 22, 3pm-6pm (3pm-5pm OTIS; ... (read more)

Peter Frank reviews David Lloyd’s Two Electric Desires 9.19.13















David Lloyd questions the nature of information, both its delivery and its reception, in a new body of shaped paintings that builds on and at the same time answers to, even seems to correct, the density and complication of his previous work. These new images have been fabricated on wood panel, shaped to conform to the irregular but symmetrical contours of Lloyds’ images. The images themselves have been compounded, assembled ... (read more)

A. Moret reviews David Lloyd’s Two Electric Desires for art ltd. magazine 7.16.13

David Lloyd's mixed-media compositions from his second solo exhibition "Two Electric Desires" at gallery km resist a singular focal point. Like a fractured pane of glass that reveals multiple perspectives in each shard, Lloyd implements a cinematic technique in each shape demarcated by bold brush strokes and vivid colors inspired by an Art Deco palette. The unusual shapes of the surfaces are reminiscent of an icon or mask worn in tribal cultures and in their re-appropriation, become icons of contemporary culture. The form of ... (read more)

Tibby Rothman on David Lloyd for L.A. Weekly 6.7.13

In the late 1980s, the abstract painter David Lloyd found himself where others wanted to be. Margo Leavin, who showed John Baldessari, Donald Judd and Alexis Smith, was his art dealer.
In the art world -- or, to be more specific, the business of art -- to land a respected gallery is essential to be perceived as an artist of merit, build a collector base, grow in stature and draw reviews, the ink that doesn't simply evaluate work but acknowledges that an artist and ... (read more)

David Lloyd’s Two Electric Desires in Art Scene picked as recommended show by Visual Art Source 5.23.13

David Lloyd brings a slightly disparate vocabulary into a hybrid art form that is cobbled together, but which purposely does not become a complete whole. In his current show Lloyd marries the abstraction he has been known for with a newer, more altered state of narration. Combining the raw with the refined, he collages old, often blurry but poignant photographs, of subjects such as war, along with hand printed esoteric messages placed within precise architectural and mandala designs. The art is mystical, visionary, often ... (read more)

gallery km at Miami Project, booth 906 12.20.12

December 4 - 9, 2012, Wynwood District, Miami
Sienna DeGovia, Rebecca Farr, Bettina Hubby, David Lloyd, Thomas Macker (read more)

David Lloyd and the Collision of Everything, An Artist Talk 2.17.12

DEB KLOWDEN MANN: Thank you everyone so much for coming to hear David talk about this great show, Monas Hieroglyphica. We love it, it's a great body of work. I have to say, we've been living with it at the gallery for five weeks now, and I'm still seeing things I haven't seen before. There was a man who came in to see the work a couple of days ago, someone who looks at a lot of art, and he kept standing in front ... (read more)

Tracey Harnish reviews David Lloyd’s Monas Hieroglyphica for ArtWeekLA 1.10.12

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David Lloyd mentioned as standout of Art Platform – Los Angeles on LA Art Diary 12.1.11











Art Fairs in LA are strange creatures. An enormous amount of time, energy and money goes into putting on the fairs with the hopes that new collectors are born and regular collectors come to shop. What I tend to see at most fairs, are the usual suspects, the same people who one would expect to see at any art event in town and yet the hope has to be for an expanded audience. Adam ... (read more)