Christine Frerichs reviewed in Artforum 2.1.20

February Issue

Christine Frerichs
By Suzanne Hudson
Christine Frerichs's "interior portraits" are diminutive, closely observed paintings on paper that frame her home and studio, sites of domesticity and labor. They are much smaller than the canvases on which she has often worked, whose larger scales summon landscapes and climates as well as emotions. Indeed, she began making the pieces shown here under the exhibition title "Viewfinder" in 2018 as interim compositions of light and mood, adjacent to the other work; they are ... (read more)

Christine Frerichs, Bettina Hubby and Katie Herzog in group show at Serious Topics 2.28.19

Punk House vs. Dream House
Organized by Kristin Calabrese, Joshua Aster and Torie Zalben
March 23 - May 4

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 23rd from 2-7pm

Serious Topics
1207 N. La Brea Ave. Suite 300
Inglewood, CA 90302-1214

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Christine Frerichs at 101 California in San Francisco 5.17.17

Christine Frerichs
101 California
101 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

May 6 - July 1, 2017

Hines Interests, 101 California Street, Lobby Exhibition Program

Since 2002, Artsource Consulting has curated exhibitions for the lobby level of this San Francisco landmark. 101 California was designed by architects Philip Johnson and John Burgee to be instantly identifiable at both street and skyline levels. The unique California Street lobby’s atrium design allows for the art installations to be seen from the courtyard, integrating the exhibits ... (read more)

Christine Frerichs’ Beacon in Wall Street International 4.7.17

Christine Frerichs Beacon
11 Mar — 15 Apr 2017 at Klowden Mann in Culver City, United States

Klowden Mann is very pleased to present Beacon, a solo exhibition of new paintings and works on paper by Los Angeles-based artist Christine Frerichs. The show is Frerichs’ third with the gallery, and continues her focus on color, light and landscape as emotional and aesthetic conveyers of meaning. Working from memory, imagination and observation, Frerichs creates abstracted landscapes and symbolic portraits noted for their densely-layered oil and wax ... (read more)

Megan Abrahams reviews Christine Frerichs’ Beacon in art ltd. 3.31.17

Christine Frerichs: “Beacon” At Klowden Mann
The paintings in Christine Frerichs’ recent series, aptly titled Beacon, shimmer with concentric waves of energy and radiant light. In the way that a beacon is by definition, a light set up in a high or prominent position as a warning, signal or celebration, in these paintings, the Los Angeles-based artist focuses thematically on the depiction of light as a kind of life aura, while also suggesting a metaphoric guiding force or elevated consciousness. Intensely symbolic, the Beacon ... (read more)

Christine Frerichs’ Beacon review in Diversions LA 3.28.17

Christine Frerichs: Living Landscapes
At Klowden Mann opening March 11th, Christine Frerichs living landscapes are layered with light and darkness, textured and rich oil and acrylics that vibrate with light. In her dazzling Beacon, she creates a series of landscapes filled with the light and atmosphere of places which have emotional significance for her, including Los Angeles, Tucson, and New York.
“Beacon (Los Angeles),” depicts her 7th story studio window view, sun high in the sky. “Wet Moon, Clear Path (Tucson)” leads viewers through ... (read more)

Jeff Davis reviews Christine Frerichs’ Beacon in Pasadena Independent 3.28.17

Christine Frerichs’ solo exhibition, “Beacon”, runs through April 15 at Klowdenmann in Culver City. The focus of her work revolves around color, light and landscapes to emote feelings, moods and meaning from time spent living and working in Los Angeles, New York and Tucson. Her abstract landscapes and symbolic portraits using wax, oil and other media on canvas are on display in the front room of the gallery and smaller wax on paper works are in the back.
The first eye catching painting encountered ... (read more)

Genie Davis reviews Christine Frerichs’ Beacon in Artscene 2.22.17

(Klowden Mann Gallery, Culver City) Christine Frerichs creates layered, complex works that are rich, thick and textured, a world that dazzles with light. Titled “Beacon,” the artist creates a more distinguishable landscape imagery than in previous work, referencing the light and atmosphere of places which have emotional significance for her, such as Los Angeles, Tucson and New York.
The paintings in this exhibition are the result of what the artist terms “a conceptual and sensorial investigation of subjects such as the sea, the sky, ... (read more)

Megan Abrahams reviews Christine Frerichs’ Serenade in ARTPULSE Magazine 12.1.15

Christine Frerichs: Serenade
By Megan Abrahams
The metaphor of music permeates this series of paintings by Christine Frerichs – characterized as they are by mood, the gradation of color building towards crescendo, composition approached with almost mathematical deliberation and flowing lyricism of line. The artist connected this series to music, in particular, music as a statement of romantic love. Fittingly, the exhibit is named Serenade, in reference to one of the largest paintings. “This body of work touched on how abstraction can stem from emotive ... (read more)

James Scarborough reviews Christine Frerichs’ Serenade in art ltd. 5.12.15

Christine Frerichs: "Serenade" at Klowden Mann
With "Serenade," her second solo show at Klowden Mann, Christine Frerichs offers deeply felt analyses of landscapes. She works in oil, acrylic, and wax. Although their surfaces are gritty, as if they've been blasted with stucco, there's serenity to each piece. This serenity comes from the works' narrow color range and the hypnotic, semicircular lines that characterize each composition. In the context of landscapes, these lines suggest atmospheric millibars, tectonic fault lines, or topographic contour lines. Here is ... (read more)

Bridget Gleeson reviews Christine Frerichs’ Serenade in Artsy Editorial 4.7.15

A Painter Creates Her Own Materials to Illustrate Personal Memories
“The brain appears to possess a special area which we might call poetic memory and which records everything that charms or touches us, that makes our lives beautiful” wrote Czech author Milan Kundera. Poetic memory, mysterious and heartbreaking, lies at the heart of Christine Frerichs’s paintings.

Artsy Editorial

One artist might try to recreate the way the sky looked over the ocean. A filmmaker might try to portray Manhattan in the moments before ... (read more)

Preview of Christine Frerichs Serenade in Artscene by Andy Brumer 2.22.15



 (KlowdenMann Gallery, Culver City) The matter of artistic influence unfolds with poetic grace, intellectual rigor, as well as a fierce quality of engagement in this collection of paintings by the young and immensely talented Christine Frerichs. In her large sturdy, colorful, yet tender mixed media works on canvas, all displaying thick, textured layers of paint often scarred and molded into sculptural relief, one readily perceives echoes of Jackson Pollock, Larry Poons, Jay DeFeo, Anselm Kiefer, Antoni Tapies, the later work of ... (read more)

Artist Talk for Christine Frerichs: The Conversation 7.15.13

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Christine Frerichs: The Conversation– reviewed by Ellen C. Caldwell for New American Paintings 7.2.13

Overlapping Disjuncture: Christine Frerichs at gallery km
Christine Frerichs’ current solo show “The Conversation” at gallery km is dynamic, new, and not to be missed.

Christine Frerichs | The Conversation (#2), 2012-2013, oil, acrylic, spray paint and Activated Carbon Paint (ACP) on canvas, 44 by 34 inches. Photo by Lee Thompson, courtesy of gallery km.
But some of the show’s connection lies in the details: figure eights emanate from the center of each painting, and they are positioned at just a height so that ... (read more)

Easton Miller interviews Christine Frerichs for Painting in L.A. 7.2.13

I recently had the pleasure of visiting with artist Christine Frerichs before the opening of her solo show at Gallery KM on Saturday, June 15th. A few beers were imbibed and a good conversation was had. Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Frerichs approaches painting with an eye for design and an acute understanding of how materials can be used to elicit a guided response from the viewer. Much of the work I saw walks a delicate line between abstraction and representation ... (read more)

Christine Frerichs at VOLTA featured on Two Coats of Paint 3.11.13

This weekend at VOLTA, Gallery | KM from Santa Monica, CA, presented Christine Frerich's diminutive, thickly painted abstractions. Frerich's work seemed out of place in an art fair atmosphere--more handmade and personal than the glitzy, over-produced projects and installations that dominate the fairs. But there they were. Working in an intimate scale that she compares to a handwritten letter, Frerichs explores three themes in her paintings: the relationship between two people, sight (and it's interruption), and the possibility that imagined landscape space can convey emotional ... (read more)

gallery km at VOLTA, booth 1.24 3.9.13

We are thrilled to be presenting Christine Frerichs’s work at VOLTA in New York, March 7th through 10th. Come by and visit us in booth 1.24. (read more)

Christine Frerichs in Notes on Looking 12.16.10

Weekend of Dec 18, 19 – Part 1
Hello my friends, this is a great weekend to go out looking. And a chance to see a few important painting exhibitions.
Christine Frerichs, On Recognition at Kaycee Olsen is closing Saturday. Frerichs is a recent UC Riverside grad and for her first post-grad solo show in town she’s presenting abstract paintings and works on paper thinly veiled as portraits. For some of the paintings she uses a method of layering parallel loose lines of color ... (read more)

Christine Frerichs in Artforum 2.5.07

“Like, Resembling, Similar”
Author: John McKinnon
“Like, Resembling, Similar” features the understated work of Christine Frerichs, Ryan McLaughlin, and Luke Stettner, each of whom attempts to recapture emotional states accurately through coolly Conceptual processes—among them a collection of texts scattered by helium balloons and repetitious drawings of a portrait. Methods of representation and translation tie the work together, and so does an undercurrent of mournfulness reminiscent of the work of Felix Gonzalez-Torres.
The lone sculpture in the show, a cassette player housed within ... (read more)