Alexandra Wiesenfeld in Art and Cake 2.27.20

Studio Visit: Alexandra Wiesenfeld
February 16, 2020

Alexandra Wiesenfeld: The Uncharted Terrain of the Soul

“…the beauty of this world which is so soon to perish, has two edges, one of laughter, one of anguish, cutting the heart asunder.” ~ Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own
“Any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.” ~ Homer, The Iliad

Written by Gary Brewer
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Alexandra Wiesenfeld in group show at CICA Museum 10.26.19

Contemporary Landscape 2019
November 1 - November 17, 2019
CICA Museum
South Korea
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Alexandra Wiesenfeld in LA Weekly 9.19.19

by Lisa Beebe
September 19, 2019
Now that school is back in session, a plurality of impressive campus art galleries are in full swing as well, offering everything from current students’ works in progress, to sociopolitical exhibitions, to solo shows by emerging artists, to explorations of prominent artists’ cultural impact. We checked in with 16 college-affiliated art galleries to find out about what they have planned for the new semester. As in ... (read more)

Alexandra Wiesenfeld in two-person exhibition at Mount Saint Mary’s University 8.28.19

Alexandra Wiesenfeld and Norman Schwab
September 9 - October 5
Opening Reception: Sunday, September 8th from 3-5pm
José Drudis-Biada Art Gallery
Mount Saint Mary's University
1200 Chalon Road
Los Angeles, California 90049 (read more)

Alexandra Wiesenfeld in VoyageLA 11.26.18

Meet Alexandra Wiesenfeld

Today we’d like to introduce you to Alexandra Wiesenfeld.

Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?
I didn’t grow up thinking I would make art, let alone paintings. I certainly hated posing for them, which I did for years for my father. My father was a painter and so is my brother, who was always regarded as the more talented sibling. Though my art making was not encouraged, my hands were restless ... (read more)

Rebecca Farr and Alexandra Wiesenfeld in group exhibition at Beacon Arts Building 8.2.18

Los Angeles (August 4, 2018) — Vibrant Matter: Artworks Refiguring Form is an exhibition of artworks exploring open-ended technologies and different mediums through presentations, artist-led tours, and events on August 4th 2018, 2-6 pm. It will take place at Beacon Arts Building and will reveal Los Angeles-based art centered on our ecosystem, technological advancements, and new possibilities for holistic art practices. Vibrant Matter was selected for Maiden LA’s 2018 showcase. “Maiden LA considers the city ... (read more)

Alexandra Wiesenfeld, Bettina Hubby and Rebecca Farr in group show at Depart Foundation 5.25.18





Alexandra Wiesenfeld in LACC Visual Media and Arts Artist Lecture Series 4.26.18

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Alexandra Wiesenfeld in On Art and Aesthetics 9.1.17

In a State of Constant Introspective Flux: “Man-Made” by Alexandra Wiesenfeld
By Tulika Bahadur
“Man-Made” (2007-2009) by Los Angeles-based Alexandra Wiesenfeld (born in Munich, Germany) is an unusual project – something of a turning point in the career of the artist – that speaks volumes about the human condition and our wider environment. Here we find portraits based on mugshots of juvenile death row inmates from Texas juxtaposed with depictions of Fort Peck, a man-made lake in the badlands of Montana. The artist works out a ... (read more)

Alexandra Wiesenfeld’s o in Blouin Art Info 5.30.17

Alexandra Wiesenfeld's 'o’ at Klowden Mann, Los Angeles
Klowden Mann, Los Angeles is exhibiting Alexandra Wiesenfeld's "o" through June 3, 2017.

The exhibition features an installation of mixed-media works on paper and wall painting, alternating densely packed congregations of drawings with individual pieces standing alone. Drawings will be spread from ceiling to floor of individual walls, organized by time of creation and theme with one drawing, acting as source material for a larger painting executed directly on the gallery walls. Created last year, the ... (read more)

Sienna DeGovia, Jamison Carter, Megan Cotts and Alexandra Wiesenfeld in ACLU benefit show at Historic Hudson Studios 5.19.17

Sweet Freedom
Saturday July 1st, 7pm
1106 N. Hudson Ave. 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90038
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Emily Nimptsch reviews Alexandra Wiesenfeld’s o on alphasixty 5.16.17

Alexandra Wiesenfeld at Klowden Mann
Walking into Klowden Mann–currently housing Munich-born, Los Angeles-based artist Alexandra Wiesenfeld’s latest exhibition, o–one is struck with the unorthodox hanging of the artist’s work. Here, small and large pieces are seemingly arranged at random. Several works are crowded onto a single wall in a style reminiscent of the Parisian salons of yore, while other areas are virtually empty. There is, naturally, a method to such unexpected madness. The show was organized based on theme and ... (read more)

Alexandra Wiesenfeld in Los Angeles Review of Books 5.11.17

Alexandra Wiesenfeld is a German-born, Los Angeles based artist who has exhibited throughout the United States and in Europe, at venues including Klowden Mann, Happy Lion, Angles Gallery, American Jewish University, and the Eagle Rock Cultural Center in Los Angeles, The Irvine Fine Arts Center and the Torrance Art Museum in California, the Dactyl Foundation in New York, the Roswell Museum of Art in New Mexico, the Missoula Museum of Art in Montana, Anton Gallery in Washington, DC, HilbertRaum in Berlin, Kunst Karlshütte ... (read more)

Alexandra Wiesenfeld in group exhibition at American Jewish University 2.7.17

Curated by Georgia Freedman-Harvey

American Jewish University
Familian Campus
Platt and Borstein Galleries

February 23- May 24, 2017
The community is welcome to attend two free events in celebration of this exhibit:

Artist Panel & Opening Event:
Thursday, February 23, 2017

Curatorial Talk & Reception:
Sunday, April 23, 2017

Gallery Hours:
Sunday-Thursday 10:00am-7:00pm
Friday 10:00am-2:00pm Closed Saturday

In observance of Passover, closed April 10-12 and 17-18. (read more)

Alexandra Wiesenfeld in group exhibition at Weingart Gallery in Occidental College 5.7.16

Mega Fauna: Endangered in Africa

Join us for an art exhibition of artwork by Los Angeles area artists and college students inspired by the big mammals and wildlife of East Africa.


Location: Weingart Galleries
Time: 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Sponsor: Art History & Visual Arts, OxyArts

Professor Linda Lyke’s Advanced Printmaking Class and Photo-processes in Printmaking are featured in the show as well as students from CSU Northridge, CSU Long Beach, Loyola Marymount University, Otis College of Art and ... (read more)

Alexandra Wiesenfeld’s when i when if when lie when life (Xavier Villaurrutia) in art ltd. magazine’s 2015 Top Tens 1.23.16

By Shana Nys Dambrot

1) The Box, “Eugenia Butler, Eugenia P. Butler, Corazon Del Sol: Let Power Take A Female Form”
Emotional and scholarly three-generation matrilineage yields an esoteric, witty, conceptual, indelible masterpiece of cake, underpants, bread, flies, and understated theatrics.

2) ACE, “Ben Jones”
Art historical, neon-hued multimedia romper room spectacle merging Op Art and 8-bit.

3) Anat Ebgi, “Jen DeNike: If She Hollers”
Dream, nightmare, escapism, reality merge in slow-motion melo- drama of hypnotic video trilogy and ... (read more)

Alexandra Wiesenfeld in group exhibition at Hilbertraum in Berlin 12.8.15

all is near and can't be touched

Alexandra Wiesenfeld
Detlef Baltrock
Tobias Sternberg

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Jamison Carter, Rebecca Ripple and Alexandra Wiesenfeld in group exhibition at Descanso Gardens 9.10.15

When you hear the word “oasis,” what comes to mind? Bright blue water, ringed with palms, set in a sunbaked desert? The exhibit Oasis looks beyond these surface characteristics, and broadens the definition of oasis to a place of refuge, a way station for travelers, an island of life in the middle of a difficult and dangerous landscape.
In the exhibit, 22 artists use the theme of “oasis” as a point of departure, with artworks that not only fill the Gallery but also spill ... (read more)

Ellen C. Caldwell reviews Alexandra Wiesenfelds when i when if when lie when life (Xavier Villaurritia) in New American Paintings 6.2.15

Toxic Skies and Heavenly Light: Alexandra Wiesenfeld at Klowden Mann

Alexandra Wiesenfeld (NAP #61) paints massive landscapes suggestive of the California painting tradition of the past, but she reinvigorates these on a grand scale and reimagines them with bold colors, frantic lines, and bursts of energy.

Her recent show “When I When If When Lie When Life (Xavier Villaurrutia)” at Klowden Mann offered viewers a delightful experience of envelopment. Her grandiose oil paintings run six feet tall or wide and powerfully connect the walls ... (read more)

Klowden Mann featured in Artsy’s Follow Friday: Dallas Art Fair Edition 4.13.14

Last fall, Klowden-Mann Gallery inaugurated its new Culver City, California space—having moved from Santa Monica and changed its name from ‘gallery km’—with an exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist Bettina Hubby. The gallery pays particular attention to the city’s native artists, so featuring Hubby was a natural entrance; and this week, they’ll show the L.A. darling at the Dallas Art Fair. From a series titled “before sex,” the gallery presents 15 of Hubby’s small prints—photographs on silk—featuring ... (read more)

A LOVE UNEVEN: Closing Reception 4.14.13

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Alexandra Wiesenfeld in MAS: ATTACK with ARTRA Curatorial 12.20.12

Saturday, Jan 26 (2013) 6:00p to 11:00p
at LA Mart, Los Angeles, CA

Presented by ARTRA Curatorial: A one-night-only evening of appreciation for painters - to facilitate networking and friendships, to introduce painting lovers to new works like a giant fun ‘studio visit’ with 90 artists!!!

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Alexandra Wiesenfeld at Andi Campognone Projects “Nothing Comes Out of the Ground Straight” 8.29.12

Nothing Comes Out of the Ground Straight
Curated by Rebecca Niederlander
August 11 — October 20, 2012
Opening reception Sat., August 11th
6:00pm to 9:00pm
Works by Kristin Calabrese, Tibbie Dunbar, Olga Koumoundouros, Carole Frances Lung-Bazile, Siobhan McClure, Naida Osline, Nancy Popp, Amy Sarkisian, Anne-Elizabeth Sobieski, Kim Tucker, Alexandra Wiesenfeld.

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Grady Harp reviews Alexandra Wiesendfeld’s work in poets and artists 4.4.11

Palimpsest can be defined as something reused or altered but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form. Alexandra Wiesenfeld creates her mysteriously compelling canvases and works on paper using this very technique: more often than not her most successful paintings are those canvases repeatedly painted over, as though absorbing the history of the painting eroded while at the same time pushing to continually resolve portions of surfaces that may never be completed appears to be the drive to completely communicate the ideas that ... (read more)