Surface of a Sphere reviewed in 2-TIMES 8.16.18

2-TIMES · Art
Surface of a Sphere
@ Klowden Mann,
Los Angeles

Abstraction is not a
withdrawal from the
world but rather its
keen embrace.

Curated by:
Daniel Gerwin.

‘Surface of a Sphere’:
Considers how far  contemporary artists  have traveled since  modernism’s exploration  of space & objecthood,  revisiting and extending  the legacy of shaped  painting while generating  new possibilities.

… concerned primarily
with interactions of form
and color in space.

Artists presented:
· Loren Britton
· Martha Clippinger
· Daniel Gerwin
· Justine Hill
· Tomashi Jackson
· Nick Kramer
· Fabienne Lasserre
· David Lloyd
· Becca Lowry
· Cordy Ryman
· Rachel Eulena Williams

· Justine Hill, ‘Bookend 7’, 2018
· Loren Britton, ‘Untitled’, 2018

On view at:
Klowden Mann, Los Angeles

6023 Washington Blvd,
Culver City, CA 90232,
United States

August 25, 2018