Sienna DeGovia in group exhibition at Racine Art Museum in Wisconsin 5.7.16

Go for Baroque: Opulence and Excess in Contemporary Art

May 22 – September 4, 2016

This summer, RAM goes “glam” with exhibitions featuring artists who explore the decorative and excessive as well as things that gleam and shine.

Go for Baroque: Opulence and Excess in Contemporary Art features artists that comment on luxury, artificiality, consumption, ornament, and the line between the beautiful and the grotesque. Whether a wall installation composed of silver reflective woven strips of paper, polymer works that look like banquet centerpieces, or extravagant, colorful jewelry, these artists investigate contemporary cultural, social, and historical ideas.

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Ralph Bacerra, Bennett Bean, Doug Bucci, Tyanna J. Buie, Kate Cusack, Sienna DeGovia, Misty Gamble, Tamara Grüner, Rain Harris, Hanna Hedman, Laurie Hogin, Anya Kivarkis, Kate Kretz, Nine Levy, Jose MarÍn, Märta Mattson, Jennifer Merchant, Jaydan Moore, Deborah Olson, Soohye Park, Jessica Putnam Phillips, Ruth Reese, Lyndsay Rice, Anna Rikkinen, Stephanie Schultz (Silversärk), Melanie Sherman, Leigh Suggs, Linda Threadgill, Lauren Vanessa Tickle, Amelia Toelke, Heather White van Stolk, Elise Winters, Marci Zelmanoff, and Petra Zimmermann.

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