Katie Herzog in Art Blitz 2.25.14


ArtblitzLA caught up with Katie Herzog at her exhibition at Monte Vista Projects.  Altered State Library consists of a series of site-specific paintings that depict the interior of the public library branch closest to the gallery.  Each painting is completed through the lens of a different psychedelic drug.  The Arroyo Seco Regional Branch Library appears vastly different through the effects of LSD versus DMT, for instance.  Herzog seeks to comment on the way culture is moving toward an increasingly digitized realm and how library buildings are becoming defined through the experience of them versus their content.  With a background working in libraries Herzog identifies with the state of the librarian, which she says is perceived as being in crisis.  Knowing, however, how busy librarians actually are Herzog recognizes that the librarian has job security.  Partly witty, partly quite humorless, Herzog’s exhibition pays homage, in an unusual way, to libraries, and librarians, everywhere.

erzog’s Periodic Table of Elements, her “swan song” to acrylic paint, as she calls it, presents the chemical relationship between paint and madness.  Using fonts from the civic sphere, the work is made from poured paint on a found drop cloth.  Recognizing an acquired allergy to acrylic paint, Herzog depleted her resources completing this piece.

With a keen eye for color, a unique sense of humor and an adventurous approach to art-making we are excited to keep an eye on this promising LA-based artist.  Be sure to check out the exhibition at Monte Vista Projects, up through March 9.

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