Jamison Carter in Venice Biennale group exhibition with bardoLA 2.24.15

May 9 – November 22, 2015
VIP and Press Preview: May 6 – May 8, 2015
Exhibition Venue: Magazzino del Sale No.3 Dorsoduro 264, Venezia,Italy

Presented Artists:
Brandy Eve Allen          Ben Jackel
Tanya Batura                 Mark Licari
Jamison Carter             Rebecca Niederlander
Carolyn Castaño           Stas Orlovski
Robbie Conal                Natass Prosenc Stearns
Kenturah Davis            Tony de los Reyes
Amir H. Fallah              Frank Ryan
Alexandra Grant           Shizu Saldamando
Margaret Griffith         Carole Silverstein
Sherin Guirguis            Alexis Zoto

bardoLA is pleased to present the exhibition We Must Risk Delight: Twenty Artists from Los Angeles as an official Collateral Event at the 56th manifestation of the prestigious la Biennale di Venezia, Biennale Arte 2015. We Must Risk Delight is an exhibition that presents, for the first time on the international stage, a group of exceptional contemporary Los Angeles artists whose work makes Los Angeles one of the most exciting hubs of creativity in the world today.

We Must Risk Delight is inspired by the poem A Brief for the Defense by a Pulitzer Prize for Poetry finalist, Jack Gilbert. In his viscerally visual poem, Gilbert calls on humanity to  recognize every moment of delight even in the most ominous of impressions. By slicing through the somber depictions of the world we live in with sharp and vibrant moments of joy, the poet presents an irrefutable case for our happiness as being our most requisite expression of freedom, not in spite of the cruelty that is a part of our world, but because of it.

A work of art represents the artist’s vision of he world and, when embraced, it can be seen as a way of making a world. The artists presented in We Must Risk Delight will give the audiences of the BiennaleArte 2015 an opportunity to discover the city of Los Angeles through the kaleidoscope of its creative community, while also encouraging us all to risk delight and celebrate he act of creating as humanity’s pathway to joy: both within ourselves and in the collective world around us.

bardoLA is a Los Angeles based nonprofit arts organization dedicated to promoting international exchange of arts and culture via traveling exhibitions and events. bardoLA is inspired by the Tibetan concept of bardo as the intermediate state between two lives on Earth. In its essence, bardo is a place of change where our usual way of life becomes suspended, a place that can be both frightening and exhilarating at the same time, but, fundamentally, one that provides us with an opportunity to grow. bardoLA draws from this ancient concept of the in-­‐between space with a vision to encourage creative exploration, artistic collaboration on an international level, and innovation fueled by a sense of wonder. bardoLA, while based in Los Angeles and in particular supportive of the city’s creative community, is not attached to any traditional exhibition space, striving instead to remain fluid and open to change and thus free to move and manifest in diverse environments.

For more information please visit www.bardoLA.org

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