Debra Scacco Featured on 2-TIMES 9.2.15

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2-TIMES · Art

Debra Scacco, Gold Topographic  Drawings

14 pieces  based on Debra’s past.

Placelessness,  memory, time.

Cartography,  aerial landscapes, urban planning, migration, saudade.

Debra’s process:
“I begin with the boundaries that form my personal cultural narrative: rivers or highway systems from the various places I am
from or have lived. There is then a set of rules for every drawing that guide how the complete work is executed.”

The significance of the text:
The language in  these pieces is two fold – both a request and a demand. The title sentence is repeated: an attempt to both
reinforce and nullify the sentiment.

“Let me want, Let me need, Let me breathe, Let me remember, Let me live, Let me stay, Let me belong.”

It is an honour of the past and also a demand for permission to let it go.

Why gold ink?
Gold represents the idealization of memory. It is held on a pedestal: to be cared for, to be treasured.

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