Alexandra Wiesenfeld’s when i when if when lie when life (Xavier Villaurrutia) in art ltd. magazine’s 2015 Top Tens 1.23.16


By Shana Nys Dambrot

1) The Box, “Eugenia Butler, Eugenia P. Butler, Corazon Del Sol: Let Power Take A Female Form”
Emotional and scholarly three-generation matrilineage yields an esoteric, witty, conceptual, indelible masterpiece of cake, underpants, bread, flies, and understated theatrics.

2) ACE, “Ben Jones”
Art historical, neon-hued multimedia romper room spectacle merging Op Art and 8-bit.

3) Anat Ebgi, “Jen DeNike: If She Hollers”
Dream, nightmare, escapism, reality merge in slow-motion melo- drama of hypnotic video trilogy and culled still photographs.

4) Gavlak, “Vincent Szarek: Like a Rock”
Desert landscape strangeness takes abstract geometrical form; from planar color studies to plein air rebellion.

5) Marine Projects, “Salon No. 13”
All-women group show of avant-garde ceramics, shaped canvases, eccentric paintings, and areas in-between exploring nature and un-naturalism.

6) C. Nichols Project, “Rory Devine: Iconoclastic Works of the Early 21st Century”
Gloriously fine, goopy poodles; a colorist’s dream of a hirsute bikini- clad trucker; color-study wall of party balloons like pixels of joy.

7) The Mistake Room, “Cao Fei: Shadow Plays”
Epic Second Life-generated simulations of modern/historical Beijing’s real-life surreality.

8) Walter Maciel, “John Bankston: Sundry Stories”
Paintings like children’s books illustrations reveal grown-up allegories, starring fantasy furries and real-life chimeras.

9) Mark Moore, “Julie Heffernan: Pre-Occupations”
Luscious, alarming self-portraits and symbolist landscapes; trees in captivity, humans in the wild, climate change in art history.

10) Klowden Mann, “Alexandra Wiesenfeld: when i when if when lie when life (Xavier Villaurrutia)”
Human experience in landscape form: awkward, intense, saturated, dystopic, dyspeptic, and prismatic.

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