Umar Rashid
May 1 - July 3
Opening: Saturday, May 1st, 11am-6pm
Hours: Monday-Friday 12pm-5pm and Saturday 12pm-6pm
Transformative Arts is pleased to present Umar Rashid PER CAPITA, an installation inspired by the artist's 2021 COLA Fellowship.
PER CAPITA, an immersive experience outside the white cube, extends Rashid's acuity to form space and time as a cosmic journey that reimagines colonial Los Angeles. Rashid's rich iconography questions the role of the individual in the collective shaping of the city. What ... (read more)

IN COLOR 12.17.20

December 18, 2020 - February 28, 2021
Mae Engron
Joe Davidson
Iva Gueorguieva
David Lloyd
Manuel Lopez
Rosalyn Myles
In the time of covid, Quotidian and Klowden Mann present IN COLOR, an exhibition that invites viewers to embrace the art of slow looking through an immersive experience in color rich paintings, collage and sculptures.
Always in the act of weaving together community through expressive and necessary visual language, IN COLOR offers a deeply satisfying moment ... (read more)

All Season Radials 6.5.20

Jamison Carter
All Season Radials
Opening June 20th by appointment, through August 8th
Klowden Mann is proud to present our fourth solo show with Los Angeles based-artist Jamison Carter, All Season Radials.  The exhibition features a series of new wall works and free standing sculptures, incorporating poured and cast urethane resin of the kind we have seen in Carter’s past bodies of work, but here using a new technique in which the artist transfers original marker drawings onto the surface of ... (read more)

Bodies as Singularity 4.24.20

Bodies in Singularity
April 24 - May 23
Jamison Carter
Andrea Chung
Megan Cotts
Sarah Cromarty
Sienna DeGovia
Rebecca Farr
Christine Frerichs
Katie Herzog
Bettina Hubby
L.E. Kim
David Lloyd
Morgan Mandalay
Nancy Popp
Rebecca Ripple
Rodrigo Valenzuela
Alexandra Wiesenfeld
Bodies as Singularity is an online exhibition that brings together works from each of our represented artists that converge in unexpected ways around this unique moment in our history; a moment in which we are globally ... (read more)

Journeyman 2.19.20

Rodrigo Valenzuela
February 29 - April 11; now extended to May 30th
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 29th 6-8pm
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Klowden Mann is pleased to present our third solo exhibition with Los Angeles-based artist Rodrigo Valenzuela, Journeyman.  The exhibition features a series of eight photogravures from Valenzuela’s new photographic series, Stature, as well as ceramic sculptural ... (read more)

Yankee Candle 1.1.20

Katie Herzog
Yankee Candle
January 18 - February 22
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 18th 6-8pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, February 15th, 4pm
Klowden Mann is pleased to present Yankee Candle, the gallery's third solo exhibition with Parkfield, CA-based artist Katie Herzog.  The exhibition features works made over the last year and a half in a rural cattle-ranching community in Central California.  Herzog uses disparate mediums and formats in the show in order to present a layered narrative responding to issues ... (read more)

They found ritual and order but couldn’t see the real (year 3008) 11.19.19

Alexandra Wiesenfeld
They found ritual and order but couldn't see the real (year 3008)
December 7, 2019 - January 11, 2020
Opening Reception: Saturday, December 7th, 6-8pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, January 11th, 4pm
Klowden Mann is proud to present They found ritual and order but couldn’t see the real (year 3008), the gallery’s fifth solo exhibition with Munich-born, Los Angeles-based artist Alexandra Wiesenfeld.  The show features a series of large-scale oil paintings on canvas in which Wiesenfeld ... (read more)

Viewfinder 9.17.19

Christine Frerichs
October 19 - November 30, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 19th, 6-8pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, November 16th, 2pm
Klowden Mann is pleased to present Viewfinder, the gallery’s fourth solo exhibition with Los Angeles based artist, Christine Frerichs.  The exhibition features a series of small-scale oil paintings on paper depicting interior spaces and still lifes.  The exhibition will be on view from October 19th through November 30th, 2019, with a reception for the artist on Saturday, ... (read more)

…Only to meet nothing that wants you 8.27.19

Andrea Chung
...Only to meet nothing that wants you
September 6 - October 12
Opening Reception: Friday September 6th, 6-9pm
Artist Talk: Saturday September 28th, 1-2pm
Klowden Mann is proud to present San-Diego-based artist Andrea Chung’s first solo exhibition with the gallery, … Only to meet nothing that wants you.  The exhibition features large-scale cyanotype works depicting under-sea images of coral that have then been bleached with sugar crystals—a material woven throughout Chung’s practice for over a ... (read more)

The Passenger 7.12.19

The Passenger
August 3 - 31
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 3rd from 6-8pm
Greg Ito
Hiejin Yoo
Marcus Herse
Morgan Mandalay
Steven Criqui
I am the passenger
An' I ride and I ride
I ride through the city backsides
I see the stars come in the sky
Yeah, the bright and hallowed sky
You know it looks so good tonight
I am the passenger
I stay under glass
I look through my window so bright
I see the stars come out ... (read more)