Michael Shaw reviews Heath Bunting’s The Status Project in art ltd. 9.23.17

Heath Bunting’s dense, graphic mappings of very specific social statistics are, certainly as statistical graphs go, visually alluring. They become more resonant and consequential upon viewing via quirky titles what they purport to chart: “a natural person able to provide current full name colour map of influence;” “a terrorist background map of influence;” “the reach of being sexually active map of influence,” among other provocatively titled inkjet prints. The works are part of Bunting’s “Status Project,” which is his attempt to map “... (read more)

Katie Herzog in group show at The Brooklyn Museum 9.22.17

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Andrea Nakhla Reviews The Panacea Project on Society6 9.22.17

One Night, Seven Shows: An Artist’s Guide To An LA Art Crawl

LA-based artist, Andrea Nakhla takes us on a truly epic art crawl in LA’s Chinatown and downtown Arts District. Hitting up 7 shows in one night, she walks us through LA’s vibrant art scene and shares some of the highlights of the night. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can plan out your own art crawl too. Andrea shows you how, below.

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Richard Speer reviews Rodrigo Valenzuela’s General Song on Visual Art Source 9.21.17

Rodrigo Valenzuela
Upfor Gallery, Portland, Oregon
Recommendation by Richard Speer
Continuing through October 14, 2017
Rodrigo Valenzuela’s memorable 2015 exhibition, “Hedonic Reversal,” was a compassionate critique of the “ruin-porn” photography genre, wherein Valenzuela pointedly avoided photographing derelict buildings — opting instead to create stylized ruins in his studio. His strategy is similar in “General Song,” a meditation on borders, barriers, and protest barricades. None are photographed in-situ, all of them were constructed and photographed in his studio. This tactic affords the artist not only ... (read more)

Rodrigo Valenzuela in New American Paintings 9.20.17

EXPO Chicago 2017 Highlights

EXPO Chicago, like many of its art fair counterparts, contains the requisite grabby, show-stoppers we’ve come to expect. However, after the initial lure of the spectacle fades, the eye begins to locate the stronger, more contemplative works emerging from the depths of the exhibitor booths. The works of these six artists are prime examples of pieces that reward a slower viewing, that expand, deepen and reveal more, the longer you look. – Robin Dluzen, Chicago Contributor
Rodrigo Valenzuela at Klowden ... (read more)

Heath Bunting’s The Status Project in Wall Street International 9.20.17

Heath Bunting
9 Sep — 14 Oct 2017 at Klowden Mann in Culver City, United States

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Rodrigo Valenzuela in The Stranger 9.18.17

The Mediated Intimacy of Closed Quarters, Curated by Rodrigo Valenzuela
by Emily Pothast
“Have you ever wanted to be an exhibitionist?” asks a man whose entire body is concealed inside a large cardboard box.
“Not in those exact words,” replies a man in a red flannel shirt. “Like, I never thought of it that way, [but] maybe that has something to do with being in front of a camera?”
 The man in the red shirt is Kenneth Tam, a New York-based artist who stages "... (read more)

Group show curated by Debra Scacco at Charlie James Gallery 9.12.17

On Going Home
Curated by Debra Scacco
September 2 - October 14, 2017

Artist's Reception: September 2, 2017, 6-9pm
Charlie James Gallery is delighted to present On Going Home, a group exhibition curated by Debra Scacco, featuring works by Tanya Aguiñiga, Carmen Argote, Shagha Ariannia, Regina Mamou, and Alexis Zoto.
On Going Home is a study of the intertwined relationship of origin, memory and place. In the essay by the same name, Joan Didion reflects on “the emotional charges between me and the ... (read more)

Katie Herzog’s Rubbing the Internet Archive in Art and Cake 9.12.17

Katie Herzog, Rubbing the Internet Archive
By Jody Zellen
The Internet Archive is a non profit digital library based in San Francisco whose mission it is to provide free public access to digitized materials, bringing “universal access to all knowledge.” Founded by Brewster Kahle in 1996 with the purpose of archiving and preserving the World Wide Web, it now has copies of over 279 billion web pages (around 17.2 billion megabytes of data). Kahle also created the Wayback Machine—an online tool that ... (read more)

Rodrigo Valenzuela in The New Yorker 9.12.17

“Where Do We Stand? Two Years of Drawing with Open Sessions”
This lively show is a roll call of sorts, representing the thirty-six participants in the Drawing Center’s most recent residency program. Many of the artists work at the outskirts of drawing. Thessia Machado’s “Pitch & Yaw” is an ongoing mechanical performance: two motors with graphite tips jerk around on wires, covering a sheet of paper with feathery arcs. From afar, Rodrigo Valenzuela’s moody, architectural compositions could be mistaken for charcoal ... (read more)