Debra Scacco in Artist Talk at LASHP 5.18.18

Come celebrate the Chinatown Yard Alliance by playing in the park they fought to establish! Along with games there will be opportunities to learn about art in the park, history, wild animals, and much more. The celebration concludes with a campfire!
Tentative schedule:
2pm: Event starts with Yoga, DJ, and games
3pm: Lion Dancers
4pm: Artist Panel moderated by Tom Carroll (of Tom Explores Los Angeles). Participating artists: Lauren Bon, Rosten Woo, Debra Scacco, Anna Sew Hoy, and Fallen Fruit.
5pm: "Here and Then: ... (read more)

Andrea Chung in Culture Type 5.18.18

In a New Documentary, 4 Los Angeles Area Artists Explore the Creative and Practical Implications of Motherhood
by Victoria L. Valentine
DOES MOTHERHOOD ALTER an artist’s practice or change her work and approach to creativity? It’s a question rarely discussed publicly that a new documentary takes on and addresses directly.
“You have very significant successful artists and critics who are on record saying they personally feel that if you are an artist and a mother, you are either a bad artist or ... (read more)

Andrea Chung in New Art Examiner 5.5.18

Women in Art Today
Everyday Resistance in the Art Space

by Jeffreen M. Hayes

Art is one of the few spaces where the silenced, the invisible and the othered can turn their experiences into radical acts that challenge projected racial, sexual and gendered stereotypes. Contemporary art for women, femme-identified people and women artists of color is a powerful mode of resistance in our current socio-political times.
While some are currently looking to these artists for their responses, their work, for the most part, ... (read more)

Katie Herzog Artist Talk at Acid-Free Art Book Market 5.3.18

Saturday, May 5th

Talks and Readings in the Den

Artists in the Library 6pm
Katie Herzog, Time Schwartz, Itza Villaboy

Blum and Poe
2727 La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

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Rodrigo Valenzuela in group exhibition at Lisa Kandlhofer in Vienna 5.2.18

Curated by Ala Glasner
Fiete Stolte | Daniel Steegmann Mangrané | Jeremy Shaw | Christian Falsnaes | Tomás Saraceno | Maximilian Prüfer | Goshka Macuga | Rodrigo Valenzuela | Moritz Lacler | Diana Sirianni | Naama Ityel
I followed you to the sun brings together eleven international artists from established to debuting who have not been shown together previously. They all work with different media ranging from sculpture, photography, video, performance and painting to installations. What brings them together is a certain transitional element in their work and artistic idea. I followed ... (read more)

Cooper Johnson reviews Rodrigo Valenzuela’s General Song in Artillery 5.2.18

Klowden Mann
by Cooper Johnson
Named after Pablo Neruda’s epic poem on the history of the Americas, Rodrigo Valenzuela’s own “General Song” harmonizes with its Lantinx perspective; his two series of photographs, “Barricades” and “Masks,” confront social issues like immigration and revolt while meditating on the medium of photography.
The primer-white and paint-chipped scenes of “Barricades” exist in simultaneous construction and dismantling, both in material and in concept. The foreground objects of “Barricades” build off, and extend into, a large ... (read more)

Bettina Hubby in group exhibition at Keystone Art Space 4.28.18

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Andrea Chung in McColl Center for Art’s Studio Party 4.26.18

You’re invited to Studio Party—McColl Center’s annual fundraiser and artist-focused evening that pairs renowned alumni artists-in-residence, both national and local, with Charlotte’s most passionate arts and culture supporters.
ARTISTS: Shaun Cassidy, Andrea Chung, Carlos Estévez, Dustin Farnsworth, Maja Godlewska, Marek Ranis, Hongsock Lee, Anne Lemanski, Rashaad Newsome, and Fahamu Pecou
All proceeds from Studio Party benefit McColl Center for Art + Innovation’s unparalleled and transformative residency experience for ... (read more)

Alexandra Wiesenfeld in LACC Visual Media and Arts Artist Lecture Series 4.26.18

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Jody Zellen Reviews Megan Cotts’ Proprius in Artscene 4.24.18

Megan Cotts’ sculptural paintings are made by stretching linen over wood in an exhibition titled “Proprius.” They are conceived as three-dimensional armatures that are then painted solid colors with pigments made from tempera and ground glass. Cotts’ imposes an architectural allusion in what read as building details and decoration. Yet rather than represent a whole, she presents each piece as an isolated fragment that is either monochromatic or black and white. The individual pieces have a modular quality that allows for them to be ... (read more)