Nancy Popp Artist Talk in Barcelona 7.20.17

Gentrification and the Struggle for the Right to Housing: Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, Seville and Barcelona-  A Talk/Debate with the Architects and Activists of Various International Movements:
Diana Bogado (Rio de Janeiro), Nancy Popp (Los Angeles), Maria Barrero (Seville)
Also: Union de Llogateres, District Assembly Coordinator for Sustainable Tourism, Amazed/ Recovered Block of Leiva Street, La Borda and La Dinamo Foundation
Can Batlló- Friday, July 21st  7 p.m
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Thomas Macker in Wall Street International 7.15.17

Thomas Macker
24 Jun — 29 Jul 2017 at Klowden Mann in Culver City, United States
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Rebecca Ripple in Fabrik 7.1.17

Pasadena Museum of California Art
(March 5-August 6, 2017)
Bricolage can be regarded as the ultimate modern/post-modern impulse, the collage aesthetic physically applied to everyday life. In the context of artmaking, bricolage is a form of assemblage, but one that disregards the fetishization of disuse we associate with typical assemblage practice. In bricolage, it does not matter whether any element has outlived its original function. In fact, bricolage gives some value to the relative newness, and associated usefulness, of its elements. This ... (read more)

Rebecca Ripple in Damn Magazine 7.1.17

From March 5, 2017 until August 6, 2017

What happens to ordinary entities of domestic life when they are driven into territories where their standard uses or functions are suspended and upended and new meanings are forged?

Interstitial seeks to answer this question through the examination of new and recently-created free-standing sculptures by contemporary Los Angeles-based object makers whose work exists in the interstices, the spaces between the historical genres of the decorative arts, still life, and abstraction. In the exhibition, artists Jeff Colson, ... (read more)

Rebecca Ripple in Art and Cake 7.1.17

Interstitial at the Pasadena Museum of California Art
The Meaning In-Between
By Lorraine Heitzman
Through August 6th

As a culture we glorify “things”; EBay monetizes our possessions and Instagram fetishizes them. The utilitarian and aesthetic things that surround us fill our lives and our landfills, yet the collectibles, ephemera, household items and building materials in our environment are so ubiquitous that they often become invisible.
In an effort to challenge the way we look at the objects in our lives, John David O’Brien ... (read more)

Rodrigo Valenzuela in group exhibition at Aljira in Newark 7.1.17

An Exhibition of International Video Art
July 22 – September 23, 2017
Reception: Saturday, July 22, 2–5pm
Curated by Larry Ossei-Mensah and Dexter Wimberly
COMM | ALT | SHIFT includes the work of 14 contemporary artists who use video to explore the complexities and angst of modern times. The exhibition’s title references keyboard shortcuts or a sequence or combination of keystrokes on a computer that lead to various, yet specified outcomes. COMM | ALT | SHIFT unpacks video as a ubiquitous technology for entertainment, ... (read more)

Group exhibition curated by Rodrigo Valenzuela at Vachon Gallery in Seattle 7.1.17

Closed Quarters
Curated by Rodrigo Valenzuela
Opening Reception: Wednesday July 12, 5:00-8:00 PM
Exhibition: July 13-September 29, 2017
Guest curated by Los Angeles- (formerly Seattle-) based artist Rodrigo Valenzuela, Closed Quarters brings together video works that use the mis-en-scene of domestic environments as a site of vulnerability, especially in its relationship with privacy, gentrification, and intimacy. The artists in the exhibition—Zachary Fabri, Shana Hoehn, and Kenneth Tam—contrast a hyperawareness of the transactional nature of contemporary relationships with mundane objects that ... (read more)

Rodrigo Valenzuela in group exhibiton at Jacob Lawrence Gallery in Seattle 7.1.17

Untold Passage

July 7 – August 18, 2017
public reception: Friday, July 7, 6–8pm, RSVP now
Jacob Lawrence Gallery
Untold Passage presents the work of artists recovering the unwritten histories of immigrant communities shown alongside the work of contemporary poets representing the unquantifiable aspects of those experiences. It takes up the politics of narrative that structure the representations of our world in words, the interface between visual arts and poetry, and the increased interest in historiography and recuperation of lost narratives.
The exhibition’... (read more)

Rodrigo Valenzuela joins UCLA Department of Art faculty 7.1.17

The UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture is pleased to announce the appointment of artist Rodrigo Valenzuela as assistant professor in the Department Art. Valenzuela’s appointment is effective July 1, 2017.
Born in Chile and based in Los Angeles, Valenzuela is a Los Angeles-based artist working in photography, video, painting, and installation. Using autobiographical threads to inform larger universal fields of experience, his work constructs narratives, scenes, and stories that point to the tensions found between the individual and communities. Much of ... (read more)

Rodrigo Valenzuela in group exhibition at Love Apple Art Space 7.1.17

Love Apple Art Space

Art Work: An Exploration of Labor (July 2-October 1)
Love Apple Farm, in partnership with Art-in-Buildings, is pleased to announce its new exhibition space, the Love Apple Art Space (LAAS), located on the farm at 1421 Route 9H in Ghent, NY, in Columbia County. The new exhibition space is located in the farm’s classic, late 1800s farm house situated on an 80-acre working apple orchard, Love Apple Farm, in the Hudson River Valley. It is located approximately 15 ... (read more)