Thomas Macker’s Holdout reviewed in O Fluxo 2.1.17

‘Holdout’ by Thomas Macker at Nicolaysen Art Museum
In the exhibit Holdout, Thomas Macker uses new media materials and techniques to explore camouflage, bygone war propaganda and the identy of the “holdout” figure in modern warfare.
The new media materials and techniques Macker uses include autostereograms (magic eye), flir technology(thermal imaging), light interference pigments (color-­‐changing paint), titanium anodization & insulating and conductive paints. The goal of the materials and techniques used is to thematically support the conceptual phenomena mentioned above.
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Rebecca Ripple Named Interim Sculpture Artist-in-Residence at Cranbrook Academy of Art 1.31.17

Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Jan. 31, 2017 – The Cranbrook Academy of Art Board of Governors and Christopher Scoates, the Maxine and Stuart Frankel Director of Cranbrook Academy of Art and Art Museum, announced today that Rebecca Ripple has been named the interim Artist-in-Residence for the Academy’s Sculpture Department. She will serve a one-year term, starting in the fall of 2017 and continuing through 2017-18 academic year.
Ripple replaces Heather McGill, who is leaving the Academy after 25 years. McGill was active in the recruitment ... (read more)

David Lloyd’s Time is taller than space is wide in Wall Street International 1.30.17

David Lloyd
28 Jan — 4 Mar 2017 at Klowden Mann in Culver City, United States
David Lloyd, Untitled, 2016. Courtesy of Klowden Mann

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Bettina Hubby in art ltd’s top 10 of 2016 1.28.17

By Shana Nys Dambrot
1) Sloan Projects, “Kelly Berg: Divergent Earth”
Spiky and opalescent landscape disaster fantasies of impasto and line.

2) Edward Cella Art + Architecture, “Jun Kaneko: Mirage”
Epic showmanship in an arching Op Art painted masterpiece
and contrapuntal sculpture.

3) Meliksetian Briggs, “Tim Berresheim:
Aus Alter Wurzel Neue Kraft”
Digital surrealism by turns painterly, gestural,
appropriationist, and darkly poetic.

4) Charlie James Gallery,
“Erika Rothenberg: House of Cards”
Restaged 1992 social satire installation of
drawings biting, blithe and salient as ... (read more)

Rodrigo Valenzuela in art ltd. 1.7.17

With a theme of “Looking to the Future of the Planet,” this year’s FotoFest biennial took over Houston with a plethora of globally-informed photography.
When Houston’s FotoFest organizers adopt a theme for the International Biennial of Photography and Mixed Media Art, the topic must be so compelling and relevant as to garner global attention alongside dedicated participation from the city’s leading art museums, art galleries, non-profit art spaces, universities, and civic spaces. Fittingly, the 2016 topic is nothing short ... (read more)

Bernard Chadwick’s I Dream of You review in Art Scene 1.4.17

The spiritually beautiful video and sound creation of Bernard Chadwick, “I Dream of You,” nicely conveys a sense of wonder. Using fourteen different audio channels and multiple projectors, the piece is triggered by sounds and sensors to create a constantly evolving series of visual and aural sensations. Abstract and haunting, images shift from screen to screen and onto walls. The artist has described the work as an “abstract music video,” which is apt. The experience plunges the viewer/listener into a space filled with ... (read more)

Bernard Chadwick’s I Dream of You in Autre 12.21.16

Bernard Chadwick "I Dream of You" @ Klowdenmann Gallery In Los Angeles
December 21, 2016

Bernard Chadwick describes the piece as an “abstract music video; a song that is reaching out for a body.” Projectors mounted throughout the center of the space throw images onto six suspended screens, an uneven spiral of visual information that spills from screen to screen and throws back onto the walls. Though Chadwick gives us every element of a song, taken apart and pieced back together there is never a ... (read more)

Rebecca Farr in Josh Hagler’s How To Give a Shit No. 7 12.14.16

You were there on that shocking night. I saw you. With a few of your friends nearby, you sat on a plastic chair or a couch or on the floor talking loudly and laughing at jokes while eating pizza or cookies or drinking an alcoholic beverage. You might have even gone ahead and opened a bottle of champaign before things even got started. That’s how good you felt. We had it in the bag.It’s true that a few among the party ... (read more)

Bettina Hubby in Blouin Art Info 12.14.16

Lora Reynolds Gallery is hosting an exhibition by Bettina Hubby titled “The Sexual Bronze Show” that will be on display through January 21, 2017.
The exhibition marks Bettina Hubby’s first show at the gallery where here sculptures, photographs, and collages will be on display. The sculptures are enigmatic pairs of items one might find at a grocery store — a fresh kiwi and a disposable BIC razor, a yam and a dispenser of dental floss. But each object has been cast in bronze and ... (read more)

David Lloyd in New American Paintings 12.14.16

Scenes from Untitled Art Fair 2016

One of our favorite fairs is Untitled Art. The tent is always beautiful, with a transparent roof (providing nice, even light) and views of the beach. The layout is interesting, ignoring the conventional aisle and row system. And the curation is right on with great galleries and works. Tomorrow I'm posting some shots of Art Miami. In the meantime, enjoy scenes from this year's Untitled Art fair! - Andrew Katz, Associate Publisher


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