Emily Nimptsch reviews Alexandra Wiesenfeld’s o on alphasixty 5.16.17

Alexandra Wiesenfeld at Klowden Mann
Walking into Klowden Mann–currently housing Munich-born, Los Angeles-based artist Alexandra Wiesenfeld’s latest exhibition, o–one is struck with the unorthodox hanging of the artist’s work. Here, small and large pieces are seemingly arranged at random. Several works are crowded onto a single wall in a style reminiscent of the Parisian salons of yore, while other areas are virtually empty. There is, naturally, a method to such unexpected madness. The show was organized based on theme and ... (read more)

Alexandra Wiesenfeld in Los Angeles Review of Books 5.11.17

Alexandra Wiesenfeld is a German-born, Los Angeles based artist who has exhibited throughout the United States and in Europe, at venues including Klowden Mann, Happy Lion, Angles Gallery, American Jewish University, and the Eagle Rock Cultural Center in Los Angeles, The Irvine Fine Arts Center and the Torrance Art Museum in California, the Dactyl Foundation in New York, the Roswell Museum of Art in New Mexico, the Missoula Museum of Art in Montana, Anton Gallery in Washington, DC, HilbertRaum in Berlin, Kunst Karlshütte ... (read more)

Rebecca Ripple in LA Art News 5.1.17

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Rebecca Ripple in Art and Cake 4.28.17

Interstitial at the Pasadena Museum of California Art
The Meaning In-Between
By Lorraine Heitzman
Through August 6th
As a culture we glorify “things”; EBay monetizes our possessions and Instagram fetishizes them. The utilitarian and aesthetic things that surround us fill our lives and our landfills, yet the collectibles, ephemera, household items and building materials in our environment are so ubiquitous that they often become invisible.
In an effort to challenge the way we look at the objects in our lives, John David O’Brien ... (read more)

Thomas Macker’s Holdout reviewed in Jackson Hole News & Guide 4.19.17

Show explores modern warfare’s complexity

Turns out, human beings stink at camouflage.
Humans dominate other species in many ways, but when it comes to camouflage and blending with the landscape, many animals, sea creatures and even insects best us, artist Thomas Macker said. They can shift their shape, change their skin pigment and contort their bodies to a 10th of their normal size, transforming until they are nearly invisible.

“They have a way of physically adapting to the landscape,” Macker said. “But when ... (read more)

Nancy Popp at the OCMA Pacific Triennial 4.11.17

‘Memoria Naõ se Remove/Memory is not Removed’, Vila Autódromo, July 2016; photo by Luis Claudio Silva
Nancy Popp, The Community Museu
Public and Community Programs
May- August, 2017

As part of her contribution to the OCMA Pacific Triennial 2017- Building as Ever, Nancy Popp is organizing a series of public programs and actions that seek to connect the community-based movements resisting displacement in Rio de Janiero, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa and other Orange County cities.
These events will take place ... (read more)

Grace Ndiritu interviews Nancy Popp for Educating Rita 4.11.17

a Post-hippie, Skate, Surf, Street, Neo-Tribal Fashion book project

Nancy Popp
Los Angeles
visual artist, educator and yoga teacher

NP: I guess I hear what you are saying. There are public uses of the body and there are private uses of the body. And it is really important to differentiate between them. One of the things we can do when we protest is engage in the public use of the body for private means. This is the AIDS ... (read more)

Christine Frerichs’ Beacon in Wall Street International 4.7.17

Christine Frerichs Beacon
11 Mar — 15 Apr 2017 at Klowden Mann in Culver City, United States

Klowden Mann is very pleased to present Beacon, a solo exhibition of new paintings and works on paper by Los Angeles-based artist Christine Frerichs. The show is Frerichs’ third with the gallery, and continues her focus on color, light and landscape as emotional and aesthetic conveyers of meaning. Working from memory, imagination and observation, Frerichs creates abstracted landscapes and symbolic portraits noted for their densely-layered oil and wax ... (read more)

Megan Abrahams reviews Christine Frerichs’ Beacon in art ltd. 3.31.17

Christine Frerichs: “Beacon” At Klowden Mann
The paintings in Christine Frerichs’ recent series, aptly titled Beacon, shimmer with concentric waves of energy and radiant light. In the way that a beacon is by definition, a light set up in a high or prominent position as a warning, signal or celebration, in these paintings, the Los Angeles-based artist focuses thematically on the depiction of light as a kind of life aura, while also suggesting a metaphoric guiding force or elevated consciousness. Intensely symbolic, the Beacon ... (read more)

Christine Frerichs’ Beacon review in Diversions LA 3.28.17

Christine Frerichs: Living Landscapes
At Klowden Mann opening March 11th, Christine Frerichs living landscapes are layered with light and darkness, textured and rich oil and acrylics that vibrate with light. In her dazzling Beacon, she creates a series of landscapes filled with the light and atmosphere of places which have emotional significance for her, including Los Angeles, Tucson, and New York.
“Beacon (Los Angeles),” depicts her 7th story studio window view, sun high in the sky. “Wet Moon, Clear Path (Tucson)” leads viewers through ... (read more)