Debra Scacco in ZDNet 9.14.18

Artists use AR to display politically-charged art in provocative places
Billed as the first truly interactive fine-art augmented reality experience, this may be the birth of a new medium
By Greg Nichols | September 14, 2018 -- 11:40 GMT (04:40 PDT) | Topic: Virtual Reality
Politically-charged art has been cropping up in provocative locations around the world over the past few weeks. An immigration-themed installation near the Statue of Liberty and a floating sculpture along the Rio Grande that memorializes a woman shot ... (read more)

Surface of a Sphere reviewed in 2-TIMES 8.16.18

2-TIMES · Art
‘Surface of a Sphere’
@ Klowden Mann,
Los Angeles

“Abstraction is not a
withdrawal from the
world but rather its
keen embrace.”

Curated by:
Daniel Gerwin.

‘Surface of a Sphere’:
Considers how far  contemporary artists  have traveled since  modernism’s exploration  of space & objecthood,  revisiting and extending  the legacy of shaped  painting while generating  new possibilities.

“... concerned primarily
with interactions of form
and color in space.”

Artists presented:
· Loren Britton
· Martha Clippinger
· Daniel Gerwin
· Justine Hill
· Tomashi Jackson
· Nick Kramer
· Fabienne Lasserre
· ... (read more)

Andrea Chung interview in British Council 8.15.18

Americas IN Britain–NHS 70th Anniversary
By Dr. Marsha Pearce, Education & Curator, University of West Indies
15 August 2018 - 10:12
#UpsideDownHistory Part Two: National Health Service
With my use of work by Jamaican poet Louise Bennett-Coverley – specifically her poem “Colonisation in Reverse” – as a curatorial framework for the 2018 Americas IN Britain Caribbean Edition project, I could not help ... (read more)

Rebecca Farr and Alexandra Wiesenfeld in group exhibition at Beacon Arts Building 8.2.18

Los Angeles (August 4, 2018) — Vibrant Matter: Artworks Refiguring Form is an exhibition of artworks exploring open-ended technologies and different mediums through presentations, artist-led tours, and events on August 4th 2018, 2-6 pm. It will take place at Beacon Arts Building and will reveal Los Angeles-based art centered on our ecosystem, technological advancements, and new possibilities for holistic art practices. Vibrant Matter was selected for Maiden LA’s 2018 showcase. “Maiden LA considers the city ... (read more)

Andrea Chung in Davis Enterprise 6.19.18

Manetti Shrem Museum’s summer season features Susan Swartz and Andrea Chung
By Special to The Enterprise

The Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art at UC Davis, launches its summer season on Saturday, June 30.
“Breaking Away: 2006-2018,” Susan Swartz’s museum debut on the West Coast, features new work straight from the artist’s studio. “You broke the ocean in half to be here,” San Diego artist Andrea Chung’s first traveling museum exhibition, highlights her inventive use of collage, ... (read more)

Christopher Knight reviews Jamison Carter’s Hallelujah Anyway in the Los Angeles Times 6.14.18

Jamison Carter's sculptures: Like a carpenter's guide to the cosmos, or earthbound explosions of space
By Christopher Knight

Jamison Carter’s new sculptures are like stage sets for splendor, together forming a Potemkin village of triumphal bliss. They happily expose their artifice, blowing a couple of fuses along the way.

At Klowden Mann, three large works anchor an exhibition that also includes 20 drawings and several wall works. In form and composition, the wall works suggest studies for potential free-standing pieces.

The drawings are ... (read more)

Andrea Chung in Culture Type 5.18.18

In a New Documentary, 4 Los Angeles Area Artists Explore the Creative and Practical Implications of Motherhood
by Victoria L. Valentine
DOES MOTHERHOOD ALTER an artist’s practice or change her work and approach to creativity? It’s a question rarely discussed publicly that a new documentary takes on and addresses directly.
“You have very significant successful artists and critics who are on record saying they personally feel that if you are an artist and a mother, you are either a bad artist or ... (read more)

Andrea Chung in New Art Examiner 5.5.18

Women in Art Today
Everyday Resistance in the Art Space

by Jeffreen M. Hayes

Art is one of the few spaces where the silenced, the invisible and the othered can turn their experiences into radical acts that challenge projected racial, sexual and gendered stereotypes. Contemporary art for women, femme-identified people and women artists of color is a powerful mode of resistance in our current socio-political times.
While some are currently looking to these artists for their responses, their work, for the most part, ... (read more)

Jody Zellen Reviews Megan Cotts’ Proprius in Artscene 4.24.18

Megan Cotts’ sculptural paintings are made by stretching linen over wood in an exhibition titled “Proprius.” They are conceived as three-dimensional armatures that are then painted solid colors with pigments made from tempera and ground glass. Cotts’ imposes an architectural allusion in what read as building details and decoration. Yet rather than represent a whole, she presents each piece as an isolated fragment that is either monochromatic or black and white. The individual pieces have a modular quality that allows for them to be ... (read more)

Megan Cotts in Los Angeles Review of Books 4.24.18


Megan Cotts (b. 1979, New York, NY) received her MFA from California Institute of the Arts in 2009. She has exhibited her solo work at Klowden Mann, Dan Graham, and Compact Space in Los Angeles; Junior Projects, False Flag, AIR Gallery, and New Release in New York; TSA in Brooklyn; I-A-M Gallery and Atelierhof Kreuzberg in Berlin, Germany; and SIA Gallery in Sheffield, England. She has participated in the Terra Summer Residency in Giverny, France, the Vermont Studio Center, the ... (read more)