Exegesis Eisegesis Encaustic and Closing Reception Celebration Concert 7.6.16

The Unwrinkled Ear Presents Spill (Magda Mayas & Tony Buck)
A Closing Reception Celebration Concert for Exegesis Eisegesis Encaustic
Saturday, July 16th, 7-9pm
This will be a ticketed event due to the limited amount of people we can accomodate. All ticket proceeds will go towards the musicians.
Tickets: $10
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Grace Ndiritu Artist Talk 6.15.16

Deb Klowden Mann: Thank you so much for coming on a Saturday, it’s nice and beautiful outside. I’m so excited to show this body of work, and honored to be working with Grace and to have the chance to introduce her to Los Angeles. Grace has an extraordinary exhibition history, but Grace, I feel like this is your first solo commercial show?
Grace Ndiritu: Well I did one, but it was a smaller gallery in Madrid, 2007. The gallery actually closed down, ... (read more)

Sharon Mizota reviews Rodrogo Valenzuela’s Sin Héroes in The Los Angeles Times 5.26.16

Rodrigo Valenzuela’s exhibition at Klowden Mann proceeds in two directions. The first is represented by a suite of black-and-white photographs of tableaux constructed in the studio. The second appears in a video intertwining the stories of Latina immigrants to the U.S. with telenovela dialogue. In some ways, both are portraits of disappointment.

Rodrigo Valenzuela'a "Animita No. 2," 2016, archival inkjet print mounted on Dibond, 44-7/8 inches by 30-3/4 inches (framed). (Lee Thompson / Rodrigo Valenzuela / Klowden Mann)
The photographs, printed in ... (read more)

John O’Brien reviews Rebecca Ripple’s Surface Tension in Artillery 3.24.16

When art is construed to be some thing that translates the tension between its physical and visual manifestation and the more complex thinking and barely articulable feeling-processes of the artist, then the sculptural work of Rebecca Ripple should be described as pushing at that envelope as strenuously as possible. “Surface Tension” manifests this friction as much as it addresses the specifics of how Ripple conceives of relaying the ways in which fragmentation, alienation, territorialization and the diffusion of power are interwoven into our contemporary ... (read more)

Bettina Hubby’s THE SEXUAL BRONZE SHOW in Artillery Magazine’s pick of the week 2.5.16

Bettina Hubby
by Eve Wood
Bettina Hubby displays a raucous sense of humor in her second solo show aptly titled “The Sexual Bronze Show” at Klowden Mann. Mining a territory that expounds on the sexual pun, Hubby identifies objects from the grocery store that in some way compliment one another or more specifically suggest a sexual allusion. Thus yellow latex gloves cast in bronze stand on a pedestal alongside a package of sausages. The relationship may or may not appear obvious, but the impulse ... (read more)

Debra Scacco in conversation with Deb Klowden Mann in the context of The Letting Go — December 10, 2015 12.10.15

Deb Klowden Mann: One of the things I love about this show is that it is a very diverse body of work, but each element speaks to the overall context of the exhibition in such a wonderful way. And while each work has a chance to resonate individually, there is an obvious connection between the pieces. It’s something you can feel without reading or hearing Debra speak about it, but it is so wonderfully enhanced by hearing where she’s coming from. So ... (read more)

Debra Scacco featured in 2-TIMES 12.4.15

2-TIMES · Art
Debra Scacco,
'The Letting Go'

Inspired by:

Collective isolation; and driven by the persistent need to (re)discover permanence in a contemporary life that is by nature always in transition.

The works:

Discuss the impossibility of truly releasing our personal geographies — the trinity of time, memory and place that form our individual identities — while giving voice to the compellingly unattainable fantasy of fixing our complete personal history into one singular place.

"Perhaps there is no past or future. Only the perpetual present ... (read more)

Megan Abrahams reviews Christine Frerichs’ Serenade in ARTPULSE Magazine 12.1.15

Christine Frerichs: Serenade
By Megan Abrahams
The metaphor of music permeates this series of paintings by Christine Frerichs – characterized as they are by mood, the gradation of color building towards crescendo, composition approached with almost mathematical deliberation and flowing lyricism of line. The artist connected this series to music, in particular, music as a statement of romantic love. Fittingly, the exhibit is named Serenade, in reference to one of the largest paintings. “This body of work touched on how abstraction can stem from emotive ... (read more)

Bridget Gleeson Reviews Jamison Carter’s A Cold War on Artsy Editorial 10.7.15

An LA Artist Taps into the 1980s to Visit the Subject of Death
In “A Cold War,” Jamison Carter’s new exhibition at Klowden Mann, there are numerous eye-catching works among the fluorescent-hued sunburst, Rorschach-like abstractions, and cement sculptures that seem to teeter on the edge of collapse. But it’s safe to say that Carter’s rainbow-striped coffin steals the show.

Titled O Superman (2015), the life-size coffin, hand-painted with bright stripes, references Laurie Anderson’s legendary 1981 song of the same name. ... (read more)

Ellen C. Caldwell reviews Alexandra Wiesenfelds when i when if when lie when life (Xavier Villaurritia) in New American Paintings 6.2.15

Toxic Skies and Heavenly Light: Alexandra Wiesenfeld at Klowden Mann

Alexandra Wiesenfeld (NAP #61) paints massive landscapes suggestive of the California painting tradition of the past, but she reinvigorates these on a grand scale and reimagines them with bold colors, frantic lines, and bursts of energy.
Her recent show “When I When If When Lie When Life (Xavier Villaurrutia)” at Klowden Mann offered viewers a delightful experience of envelopment. Her grandiose oil paintings run six feet tall or wide and powerfully connect the walls ... (read more)