Debra Scacco in Wall Street International 1.6.18

Debra Scacco
13 Jan — 17 Feb 2018 at Klowden Mann in Culver City, United States
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Group show curated by Debra Scacco at Charlie James Gallery 9.12.17

On Going Home
Curated by Debra Scacco
September 2 - October 14, 2017

Artist's Reception: September 2, 2017, 6-9pm
Charlie James Gallery is delighted to present On Going Home, a group exhibition curated by Debra Scacco, featuring works by Tanya Aguiñiga, Carmen Argote, Shagha Ariannia, Regina Mamou, and Alexis Zoto.

On Going Home is a study of the intertwined relationship of origin, memory and place. In the essay by the same name, Joan Didion reflects on “the emotional charges between me and the ... (read more)

Debra Scacco: Origins at Los Angeles State Historic Park 4.14.17

Los Angeles State Historic Park
Opening Saturday April 22
10 AM - 6 PM
Origins explore the notion of place. through the unique history of the Los Angeles River, and the role it has played in shaping the modern-day city. Each work holds at its core a line drawing of a previous river course. With each line emanating out from the last, the hand-engraved mirrored face of the works traces the radical difference in current a single line will make. The concrete body ... (read more)

Debra Scacco in group exhibition at Kopeikin Gallery 4.14.17

Group Show curated by Katie Shapiro and Sean Higgins
Kopeikin Gallery
2766 S La Cienega
Los Angeles, 90034
Open Tues - Sat, 11-5

April 29 - June 17, 2017
Transporter is a group show exploring themes of landscape as psychological space as well as unreal, virtual or contrived places. Curated by Katie Shapiro and Sean Higgins. Artists include: Leon Benn, Matthew Brandt, Josh Callaghan, Sean Higgins, Nathaniel Klein, Michelle Young Lee, Benjamin Lord, Aaron Morse, Elena Roznovan, Debra Scacco, Katie Shapiro.
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Debra Scacco in 2016 Imagine Awards auction with Inner-City Arts at the California Science Center 10.15.16

JUST ANNOUNCED: The 2016 Imagine Awards—to take place on Saturday, October 15th at the California Science Center in the Samuel Oschin Pavilion under Space Shuttle Endeavour—will also include a special art auction curated by Imagine Awards Event Committee member and Los Angeles-based designer Katerina Tana. The art auction will feature works and collectables by notable artists such as Billy Al Bengston, David LaChapelle, Ed Moses, and more!

The auction will also feature a very rare Inner-City Arts artifact from our visual arts ... (read more)

Ellen C Caldwell interviews Debra Scacco in New American Paintings 9.6.16

Light, Letting Go, and the LA River with Debra Scacco

Debra Scacco creates rich, multimedia pieces that play with light, reflections, shadows, walls, and borders. Her 2015-2016 solo show The Letting Go at Klowden Mann was full of works on paper, paintings, and mor e sculptural installation pieces that reference and play off of nature and geography in aesthetically pleasing and deeply profound ways. – Ellen Caldwell, Los Angeles Contributor

Debra Scacco, Installation view of “The Letting Go” at Klowden Mann, 2015.
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Debra Scacco in Take Me Home L.A. 6.21.16

Thursday, June 23 5-10pm
Free and open to the public
Max Lofts Grand Opening
819 S Santee St
Pop-up shops

Standard Vision x Think Tank Gallery Lounge, Chimento Contemporary, SAGE Projects,
REN Gallery, Get Down Town, Diego Cardoso, Sarkis Vartanian of Daily Dose Cafe, Lila Ash, Public Decibel, Mak Made, Coral Forest, Ten Stairs, Debra Scacco, Karen Bystedt, Whits & Giggles aka Whitney Gibson & Shelley Holcomb, Harvey Opgenorth, Jos McKain,
Genevieve Belleveau, La Porscha Wynne-Winningham, Greg Barnett, Jil ... (read more)

Debra Scacco in conversation with Deb Klowden Mann in the context of The Letting Go — December 10, 2015 12.10.15

Deb Klowden Mann: One of the things I love about this show is that it is a very diverse body of work, but each element speaks to the overall context of the exhibition in such a wonderful way. And while each work has a chance to resonate individually, there is an obvious connection between the pieces. It’s something you can feel without reading or hearing Debra speak about it, but it is so wonderfully enhanced by hearing where she’s coming from. So ... (read more)

Debra Scacco’s The Letting Go featured in 2-TIMES 12.4.15

2-TIMES · Art
Debra Scacco,
'The Letting Go'

Inspired by:

Collective isolation; and driven by the persistent need to (re)discover permanence in a contemporary life that is by nature always in transition.

The works:

Discuss the impossibility of truly releasing our personal geographies — the trinity of time, memory and place that form our individual identities — while giving voice to the compellingly unattainable fantasy of fixing our complete personal history into one singular place.

"Perhaps there is no past or future. Only the perpetual present ... (read more)

Debra Scacco in group exhibition at South Bay Contemporary 9.3.15

Via Negativa: The Transcendence of the unReal
September 3, 2015 - October 10, 2015
Opening: September 3, 2015​
Guest Curated by Cerritos College Art Gallery,  curator, James MacDevitt
Lynn Aldrich, Sean Higgins, Kirk Miller, David O'Brien, Christopher O'Leary, Christopher Pate, Debra Scacco, Lisa Schulte, Nichole Speciale & Curt D. Miller, Christian Tedeschi, Kyle J Thompson, Shannon Willis, Zaid Yousef
"Within the black hole-like density of being, things undergo an expansion. The ontological equivalent of the Big Bang rests within every object. Being expands."   – Ian ... (read more)

Debra Scacco Featured on 2-TIMES 9.2.15


2-TIMES · Art

Debra Scacco, Gold Topographic  Drawings

14 pieces  based on Debra's past.

Placelessness,  memory, time.

Cartography,  aerial landscapes, urban planning, migration, saudade.

Debra's process:
"I begin with the boundaries that form my personal cultural narrative: rivers or highway systems from the various places I am
from or have lived. There is then a set of rules for every drawing that guide how the complete work is executed."

The significance of the text:
The language in  these pieces is two ... (read more)

Debra Scacco in group show at South Bay Contemporary this Fall 8.5.15

Via Negativa: The Transcendence of the (un)Real
South Bay Contemporary
September 3rd to October 10th
Opening Reception: September 3rd

Lynn Aldrich
Sean Higgins
Kirk Miller
David O'Brian
Chris O'Leary
Christopher Pate
Debra Scacco
Lisa Schulte
Nichole Speciale & Curt D. Miller
Christian Tedeschi
Kyle J. Thompson
Shannon Willis
Zaid Yousef

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Elizabeth Sobieski interviews Debra Scacco on The Huffington Post 11.13.13

Much of Debra Scacco's work relates to geography in its portrayal of location, dislocation, topography, maps and dream worlds. The artist, born in New York City to an Italian-American mother and an Italian immigrant father, has now made the move to Los Angeles after 16 years in London. Her paintings and drawings, intriguing landscapes formed by repetitive text and splashes of color, along with a large suspended metal sculpture, are on display at Marine Contemporary in Venice, California.

Installation: "The Space Between"
Elizabeth Sobieski: ... (read more)

whitehot Magazine interviews Debra Scacco 7.25.12

Debra Scacco: Birds of Passage
Marine Contemporary, Venice, California:
May 19 - June 23, 2012
For her debut U.S. solo show at Marine Contemporary, London-based artist Debra Scacco has configured lines of text into meticulously detailed images, in a series that documents her own deeply personal quest for a sense of home and belonging. The exhibit centers on seven large-scale ink drawings on paper, representing symbolic territories derived from Scacco’s background. Raised in New York, the daughter of Italian American parents, she ... (read more)

Leah Ollman reviews Debra Scacco on the LA Times 5.25.12

Debra Scacco was born in New York of an Italian father and American mother, grew up there and in Georgia, and now lives in London. These locales are key to her absorbing drawings at Marine Contemporary, which map psychic more than physical territory, places defined by memory, association and pervasive yearning.
In each of seven large ink drawings that form the core of the show, a single shape floats against stark whiteness. The islands aren't recognizable places as much as concentrated meditations on place, ... (read more)