Grace Ndiritu Performance at Glasgow School of Art 9.18.15

Holotropic Breathing for the Masses
An Afro-Futuristic Performance by Grace Ndiritu

For this unique transformative performance Ndiritu invites 40 participants to come to Glasgow School of Art  to re-activate the Mackintosh Building using the Ancient Egyptian Breath of Life ritual. Using Ancient Egypt as an anchor point in our collective history, Ndiritu will act as a high priestess, leading the participants through this deep process so that they can experience a type of re-birthing experience to activate memories of the Mackintosh Building pre-fire and to bring the building energetically back to life.


Armed with quartz crystals participants will journey to meet the Egyptian God Osiris so he can help them in their quest. Osiris’ main purpose is transformation through Death and Rebirth. He is known as The Lord of The Depths and will bring about a cathartic healing for the building by the practice of the participants retrieving lost memories of themselves and the building pre-fire, similar to the shamanic practice of ‘soul retrieval’.



Participants will then use the esoteric practice of Holotropic Breathing to connect with Egyptian idea of the Ba (spirit) and Ka (soul), through which they will be able open doorways and portals. This will allow them to safely travel back in time with Osiris as their inner guide.



Ultimately when they summon Osiris and his God powers, the participants should be prepared to have their own hearts and the soul of the Mackintosh Building symbolically revealed back to them.


Commissioned by Glasgow School of Art for the Turner Prize Season 2015 taking place in Glasgow



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